Saturday, October 31, 2009

Project - Halloween

It's that time; you guessed it, our first dual post. Prince Charming and I gave a word and then came up with a photo that would describe that word. We are still working out all of the details, but so far our first word was Halloween. We had 1 week to come up with a photo that described that word and then we were going to post to see what the other came up with. This is exciting... we are ready to unveil our findings.........

Prince Charming:

Stay tuned for next week’s photos. We've decided that every other week we are responsible for a word. This may change but for now it sounds like a good start :). This is a good way for us to both get behind a camera and test it out :)

Prince Charming got to choose the next word. His word: Fall

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Timing is Everything

Isn't it strange how life works? Going along in your own little world and everything just gets turned upside down in a very fast whirl wind. Sometimes you don't even have time to stop and say huh??? Well that has happened to me this year, but I'm going to tell you... sometimes just hang along for the ride because it is well worth the end result! I was going along dating the same guy for over 5 years. People would ask so what's the deal with that. I was like well I don't know but I know eventually something will happen. Boy who knew when I made that comment my life would break loose and something would actually happen! Long story short, people who gossip can actually change a person's life. At the time I thought it was a bad change but I finally was able to step back and take a closer look at the way things had unfolded and saw that something better was just around the corner. Breaking up with someone after 5 1/2 years is a Shocker to your system. I didn't sleep very much for an entire month and I LOVE to sleep. What little sleep I actually did get was because I would pass out from exhaustion. This all started right around Father's Day.
The Thursday after I got the urge to buy a laptop. I had the money and had wanted one for years so I just did it. The following Sunday I was at a friend’s house "stealing" their internet and was messing around on Facebook when I ran across an old high school friends name. I didn't really think it could be him but I went ahead and hit request friendship button. Within 24 hours he had accepted my friend request and sent me a message. Well we wound up talking through fb for a while until we exchanged phone numbers. He didn't sleep at night (at the time) and I couldn't sleep. 4th of July weekend we went to my aunt's house down in Southern Oklahoma to ride horses and hang out by the pool and really just get me out of this area so I didn't feel so lousy. One night I called him at midnight (again I couldn't sleep and he didn't). The more the month progressed; we'd talk through text, internet and phone. I learned that he'd just gotten back in March from a tour in Afghanistan.He had a little girl that was 6. He'd been married but was divorced. He learned I'd graduated from College, that I'd dated the same guy for 5 1/2 years and we'd just broken up, (etc. from both ends). It was so nice to catch up with someone
 like that! In fact we both learned of the crush we each had on the other back in high school. Odd how things like that happen! Toward the end of the month one of my dinners came up, of course same weekend he was coming home and asked if I'd like to go with him somewhere. Turns out we wound up doing my monthly dinner. I was out with him that night until 3am just talking and catching up. The next day I went to his house before he left to go back to Kentucky where he was living/working and spent as much time with him as I could. Then I went home and bawled my eyes out. This was the first date I'd agreed too since I'd broken up with the ex. I didn't even know why I was crying. I finally got myself under control and am proud to announce that I've been dating this great guy now for 3 months. He treats me like a queen; I hope he feels like a King!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dinner Club

Once a month a group of friends get together and we go try new places for dinner. Saturday's dinner happened to be at a place in Joplin called Mytho's Euro Greek Cuisine. It was very good. Some of the specifications used when the restaurant is chosen is they aren't chain restaurants and for the most part we pick restaurants where we can dress up (business casual or higher depending on the restaurant.) Not always do we dress up, we've been 3 places so far that has been jeans attire but still... we like to dress up (or at least the girls, the guys do it to humor us... LOL). This particular restaurant had cheese that they lit on fire at the table and you yelled "Opa". Jason looked it up and it said it translated to "Your cheese is on fire." This has been a tradition now for 10 months. Our first dinner out (January) was in Springfield at a place called Bijans. February was at Downstream Casino at Red Oak Steakhouse. March was in Joplin at Kinnaree. April was in Springfield at Avanzare. May was in Monett at Bayou. June was in Joplin at Wilder's Steakhouse. July was in Springfield at Touch. August was in Webb City at Roswitha's. September was in Springfield at Haruno's and of course this month went back to Joplin to Mytho's. We have tried many fabulous cuisines... we've had Italian, American, Japanese, Euro-Greek, Cajun, Thai, and German. Luckily it has all been places (except for Kinnaree) that I've never been to. I was just excited because I got to see Prince Charming all dressed up. Doesn't he look hansome? I love it. I think guys look extra good in suits or else in uniform. Well this is quite a suit but it's darn close! His birthday is coming up and this was actually his birthday present (the shirt/tie). I knew he'd be having some interviews coming up and he'd need to look nice so I went shopping and found him a shirt/tie to actually go under his suit that I found for him after our last dinner club dinner. He looks super nice in it all. I guess I'll have to find him a different color once fall is over. That way he doesn't look all fallish all the time :) but I love the colors and they look very nice on him.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

First Job

So my grandma had her 60th class reunion. Could you imagine, 60 years!! Well they needed a photographer and she asked me if I'd be willing to come in, take a class shot and snap a few candid shots. No problem I thought. Boy did I come to a realization real fast... ASK what she wants before hand. I called her 2 days before to double check the time and place and she was like, "Now make sure you have packages for them to buy from." What? YIKES... ok so my mom and I spent 2 lunch hours at work finalizing packages, options, etc. So I knew I was ready to go. I walked into the Church where this was held shaking. My nerves took over. But I kept my cool the best I could and started walking around taking photos. Those seniors were awesome. Some avoided me, some smiled, some posed and some never knew I was there. I loved it because they couldn't hear my camera take. They are a little hard of hearing and my camera is very quiet. Without a flash they never saw me coming. My mom went with me to the job. She was the money taker and she also helped round them up when it came time to take the photos. After that came time to come home and edit. The fabulous boyfriend stepped up to the challenge. We used photoshop to touch up the photos and add writing. This was so far the best first shoot I could have asked for.

So the most awesome boyfriend in the world, Prince Charming and I have decided to embark on a new adventure. Every person has a different idea when a word is popped out. We've decided to do a weekly entry based on a word. We are both going to take photos of whatever our word is and then we'll post. We'll see what each other comes up with. (Prince Charming if you are reading, no cheating off me, do your own homework... I helped you in high school but you are old enough now to take on your own responsibilities) I love you!!!

This weeks word is: Halloween

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Learning to take better Photos

Everyone always chooses different things to focus spare time on. Well besides showing horses last year I took on Cake Decorating. It was cool but extremely stressful so I thought, hmmm what else could I try. I came up with photos. I love taking pictures... So I took a class on Photography with 2 of my friends. It was called Taking Better Pictures. It was interesting! I learned some techniques I might not have tried before and I got an awesome new camera... I am glad I took the class. The teacher would recommend different reading material for us and I signed up for one set of newsletters she recommended. In my quest to learn more, one of the topics that I read about was learning to teach others to pose. It said to teach others to pose, you first should learn to teach yourself. Then you know what works best with the camera, what looks horrible and how to pose to get the "right" shot. So I have the most amazing boyfriend and he and I have been on this quest. Learning to teach ourselves and the other how to pose in front of the camera. We've also included his daughter. We've gotten some good shots, we've gotten some bad shots, and we've gotten some hilarious shots. Part of our quest is also to learn to enhance and edit them. He knows more than I do, but I really haven't sat down yet to take the time and learn. I figure this winter when it is snowy and cold out, that will be how I spend my time. I have no idea where this will take me, but in the end, I will have better photos!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

All New to me

Ok so this is new to me, I haven't totally figured out what direction I want to take with this but I know it will come with time and I think it will probably come a lot faster than I think. I have ideas ;). So don't worry, stay tuned!


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