Monday, November 30, 2009

Angel in disguise!

I have recently been blessed with the opportunity to spend a holliday weekend with the one that I love and her family!! The weekend was filled with love to say the least, I have been told by a few people that I say I love you too much, so I wonder is there such a thing? I do not believe so I believe Garth Brooks got it right when he said "tell that someone that you love just what your thinkin of if tomorrow never comes!!" Anyways sorry I was off on a tangent back to my Angel in disguise I truly believe that she is my Angel in disguise!! If I spent a year doing nothing but typing this blog i couldn't begin to explain how much I love her she IS my Angel!! We left Thursday morning and arrived to a very welcoming Aunt Connie and Uncle Brad and a wonderful delicious Thanksgiving Dinner!! Then spent a lovely afternoon taking pictures and spending time with my Angel!! Friday all the girls headed out early for a fun filled day of shopping in Texas while Dad and I went out to see what was going on in the barn!! We helped ready the horses to be worked until around noon when we went into Ardmore to eat!! After lunch Brad worked horses for a little bit and then it came to my turn!!!! I was excited I rode a horse they call Rosie she is over 18 years old and is still a firecracker!! She stepped fast turned fast and never missed a beat!! Then we rode out to catch some sick cows, this was fun we rode quite a ways which gave me an opportunity to talk to Uncle Brad a little which was good!! Which brings us to a very worn out Mark, but the fun doesn't end there I finally got to spend a little time snuggling with my Angel and watching ELF which by the way i didn't see very much of ;)!!
Then came Saturday morning time to pack up and leave we said our goodbyes and headed toward La Hacienda stopping along the way at Cafe Ole in Tulsa for lunch and a brief shopping stop at Stein Mart!! In short this was one of the best Thanksgivings I have had in years!! spending time with the woman I love!!!!! Cant wait for Christmas!!! I love spending time with my Angel and could never spend enough time with her!! Baby I love you and You ARE my Angel in disguise!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

STILL Amazed

So all growing up you hear of stories of people marrying their grade school and high school sweethearts and of course being a hopeless romantic I used to always wish that would happen. As time went on it became more and more apparent that it wouldn't happen, but that's ok, I knew that God had some great plan for me, and I think part of it was to teach me patience... not my strongest suit. So I dated one guy after another and things wouldn't work out for whatever reason (and don't be fooled, there weren't all that many, I usually had length over numbers...) and again as you've probably read before I was in a relationship with a guy for over 5 years. That came to an end this last summer. Again God had something great in store but who knew... When you think about this next thought, keep in mind how I started this...

So in high school I had a crush on a guy (Prince Charming). More so than I ever let on to anyone. Well I was cleaning my room a few weekends ago and I found a Note notebook that 2 of my friends and I had going. We'd sit and write notes back and forth between each other in classes. Oddly enough, I still have this. I know I know I'm a pack rat apparently. So I was reading through these notes and found out that I'd admited to Prince Charming that I liked him, and he'd admited to me that he had feelings for me. Now this also brought back the sad memories of why we never dated in high school but another time, another place! I was actually sitting and reading these notes with the love of my life, my sweetheart Prince Charming. He is mine and if you don't believe me, ask him! So I guess when you look at it that way, I'm at least dating a high school sweetheart. Granted we never dated then, but... that doesn't mean he isn't my high school sweetheart!

Monday, November 23, 2009


This is an email I've received before, There is just something about it that I really like:

My grandparents were married for over half a century, and played their own special game from the time they had met each other. The goal of their game was to write the word "shmily" in a surprise place for the other to find. They took turns leaving "shmily" around the house, and as soon as one of them discovered it, it was their turn to hide it once more.
Hearts and Roses
They dragged "shmily" with their fingers through the sugar and flour containers to await whoever waspreparing the next meal. They smeared it in the dew on the windows overlooking the patio where my grandma always fed us warm, homemade pudding with blue food coloring. "Shmily" was written in the steam left on the mirror after a hot shower, where it would reappear bath after bath. At one point, my grandmother even unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper to leave "shmily" on the very last sheet.

Shmily Mail There was no end to the places "shmily" would pop up. Little notes with "shmily" scribbled hurriedly were found on dashboards and car seats, or taped to steering wheels. The notes were stuffed inside shoes and left under pillows.

"Shmily" was written in the dust upon the mantel and traced in the ashes of the fireplace. This mysterious word was as much a part of my grandparents' house as the furniture. It took me a long time before I was able to fully appreciate my grandparents' game. Skepticism has kept me from believing in true love-one that is pure and enduring. However, I never doubted my grandparents' relationship. They had love down pat.

It was more than their flirtatious little games; it was a way of life. Their relationship was based on a devotion and passionate affection which not everyone is lucky enough to experience.

Grandma and Grandpa held hands every chance they could. They stole kisses as they bumped into each other in their tiny kitchen. They finished each other's sentences and shared the daily crossword puzzle and word jumble. My grandma whispered to me about how cute my grandpa was, how handsome and old he had grown to be. She claimed that she really knew "how to pick 'em." Before every meal they bowed their heads and gave thanks, marveling at their blessings: a wonderful family, good fortune, and each other.

But there was a dark cloud in my grandparents' life: my grandmother had breast cancer. The disease had first appeared ten years earlier. As always, Grandpa was with her every step of the way. He comforted her in their yellow room, painted that way so that she could always be surrounded by sunshine, even when she was too sick to go outside. Now the cancer was again attacking her body. With the help of a cane and my grandfather's steady hand, they went to church every morning. But my grandmother grew steadily weaker until, finally, she could not leave the house anymore. For a while, Grandpa would go to church alone, praying to God to watch over his wife. Then one day, what we all dreaded finally happened. Shmily FlowersGrandma was gone. "Shmily." was scrawled in yellow on the pink ribbons of my grandmother's funeral bouquet.

As the crowd thinned and the last mourners turned to leave, my aunts, uncles, cousins and other family members came forward and gathered around Grandma one last time. Grandpa stepped up to my grandmother's casket and, taking a shaky breath, he began to sing to her. Through his tears and grief, the song came, a deep and throaty lullaby. Shaking with my own sorrow, I will never forget that moment. For I knew that, although I couldn't begin to fathom the depth of their love, I had been privileged to witness its unmatched beauty.

See How Much I Love You

I say, a marriage is something you have to work at. It isn't always going to be fun and games, there will be hard times, but it is how you handle those hard times that make it worth the ride. No I've never been married so I'm not speaking from experience, however I have lots of relatives and friends who are plus in college I had to write a paper on people who had been married over 30 years. I have always loved this email/game so I thought I would share it today :). Enjoy!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Project - Green

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Project - Green
So yesterday was a fun day! Prince Charming and I went to Tulsa to see Tbug in her Cheerleading competition. They were third! Yey! While in Tulsa we went and did some Christmas shopping, which is pretty well done now, experienced our first IMAX movie and of course ate dinner :). Prince Charming was bragging about How his Tom Tom which he calls Ditsy never gets him lost... yeah we were on 71st St and I was like why don't we stay on this road. Prince Charming said that either it is programmed for the shortest route or the quickest route. Yey we wound up getting dumped off in the middle of a subdivision. To make matters even better, all we'd have had to do was go under the bridge and we'd have been at the IMAX. We also saw a very funny sign while driving through the subdivision that Ditsy took us too.

Yeah we got a good chuckle out of this, I'm not sure why but it was fun :).
Now I'm sure you are ready to see this weeks "Green" photos:

It is my Defy Gravity shirt from the musical "Wicked".

Prince Charming:
Prince Charming actually had a different idea in mind but wasn't able to get it done so he caught me in his army jacket this morning.

Next week’s word: Giving Thanks.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Quote Junkie

Sometimes I am a "Quote Junkie". I read a quote, I love it, I write it down and then comes the time of... what do I do with it now... LOL. But I still love them and still write them down when I find one that I like. Even if I can't see how it will make sense in my life, I still have to write it down if it inspires me for some reason.

~True LOVE is an acceptance of all that is, has been, will be and will not be.

This is a true phrase. People maybe should think about it before they get married. See if they can do that. Maybe not it's still a good phrase either way.

They can be just quotes, they can be scriptures, whatever hits me that I read that I really like. Nothing in particular gets written down, I don't go hunting the same types or kinds. They just hit me when I read them and that's what I find.

~Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.

This is a lot like the one that says something about don't bring back a well preserved body but bring in one that's all skidded up and come in sideways etc and say man what a ride... LOL

~What other people think of you is none of your business

Wow how true unfortunately is that. They can think you are the sweetest person or the worst person in the world. That's their opinion and sometimes not matter what you do that'll never change.

~When God is about to reposition your life know that the devil will begin to attack!

To me, that means that there is always good with bad and just take it and run with it. Life isn't perfect, that's why it's called life. There is always trial and error and it is how you learn from those and keep pushing forward that really matters!

~You are everything I never knew I always wanted!!

This is off of a movie, "Fools Rush In." How true is that though? You think you know what you want in a person or of a person. Then you find someone that is nothing like what you ever thought you pictured and in the end, they turn out to be exactly what you wanted, you just didn't know it until you opened your eyes to new possibilities.

Yeah this was a bit of a different post but I just thought I'd share. I'll leave you this one off of my Dilbert calendar from 2006 that I kept a copy of:

~This week I achieved unprecedented levels of unverifiable levels of productivity

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Second Chance

Short and sweet for my first post!
Baby I took my Que from you and figured out how to set this up where I can post also! Of course it wasn't very hard but N E Ways! I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank God for second chances! He has blessed me so much these last few months and I cant thank him enough! Baby I love you more than words can say!! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to love you!!
For those of you who don't know we each had crushes on one another in high school! Unfortunatly I was a BONEHEAD back in those days (I'm sorry baby) and even though we talked about it I never acted on my feelings (That was the BONEHEAD part in case you were wondering) and we fell away from one another! Over the years I thought about her from time to time until one day after life had taken us both down long rocky paths our paths crossed again (Thank you FACEBOOK) I was so excited to hear from her and I couldnt wait to meet up with her again!! Long story short we sarted talking then hanging out then dating and now were in love and I couldn't be happier!! And so I thank God for my second chance! God has truly blessed the broken road that led me straight to you!!
LOL so much for short and sweet!! OUT!!

Now and Forever!!
Your Prince Charming!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

50 Reasons

There are more than 50 reasons why I love you, but I thought I would share a few... I hope you enjoy baby, this is for you!!!

1 I love you, that's reason enough.

2 The way you treat me, I feel like a princess around you... I get the royal treatment!
3 You have gorgeous blue eyes.
4 Kisses!!

5 Hugs!! 
6 How you greet me when I've had a bad day at work!
7 How you listen to me, even if I'm off on a ranting and raving tangent.
8 How can we forget the gorgous truck!!!
9 That I get in trouble if I open my own door :)
10 That you love my parents and spending time with them.
11 That you love the fact I love horses!
12 Actually that you yourself Love horses!!!
13 The fact that you served our country.

14 And how you over look my silly mistakes.
15 How handsome you look dressed up!
16 And the fact you like to dress up.
17 You also trust my clothing tastes.
18 You are very determined.
19 A Hardworker!!
20 and Extremely smart!!!
21 Of course you are my P.C. (Prince Charming and computer tech person) :)

22 You humor me and take photos with me :).
23 You don't get mad at me for taking your photo.
24 You help around the house.
25 You love spending time with me.
26 Have I mentioned that I love you yet just cause??
27 You were there when I needed you the most!
28 There's always Florida!
29 and hitting you in school to wake you up...
30 You take everything that comes your way and roll with the punches.
31 That you would rather drive by yourself late at night then for me to drive myself home late at night.
32 You are always willing to learn something new with me.
33 and stay up to date on what few tv shows I actually watch.
34 And another obvious, the way you love me... :)
35 You can out do me any day on song lyrics!
36 You want nothing but the best for me.
37 You don't scoff at some of my crazy ideas either.

38 I even love when you get adamant about something.
39 You have an outstanding singing voice.
40 You take notice of every thing I wear! It makes me feel special and definitely want to dress up for you!!! 

41 The way you love me (yes it's twice but that's just something extremely exciting and worthy of mentioning more than once!)
42 You have a heart of Gold.
43 You Take care of your own family too!
44 You Love animals!!

45 You are tackling my horse when no one else seems to have time!
46 You are you and not putting on a show!
47 You brought Tbug into my life!
48 You are a GREAT father!!

49 How you get embarrassed by the cute things your daughter says to me and my family!
50 and Last but not least the #1 most important thing is I love you, that's it, no ifs ands or butts about it!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Careful What You Wish For

If you know me any at all, I'm not a morning person; I don't like being woke up, nothing. Just leave me be. Well all my friends who have kids tell me that'll all change when I have kids. I keep saying No Thank you! or My husband can do that... LOL. In all honesty I'm sure if I had to I would and I've also been told it is a lot easier when it is your kid vs. someone else's, we'll see someday maybe. I haven't decided yet. But I've also said if I have a kid it better come out walking, talking, and potty trained. That is the latest joke and boy it gets better. So one day someone asked what my ideal age to have would be. I was like well I went to school to teach high school (agriculture) so I really like that age group but if I had to go younger, probably 6.

That is a fun age because they start doing stuff; they understand stuff and are fun to me... So I was sitting at work the other day and I have a digital photo frame. On there are all kinds of pictures (I think like 147 right now). There are photos from photography class; there are photos off Prince Charming's computer, off mine, etc., also photos of me, photos of him, photos of us, photos of Tbug (his daughter), etc. etc. etc. The list goes on. So I was sitting here watching the photos flip through and it hit me like a freight train... I got exactly what I wanted... a 6 year old who is walking, talking (constantly), and potty trained named Tbug. She is a doll and I love her dearly!

Tbug is an absolute sweetheart, but sometimes watch what you wish for, but I definitely wouldn't ask for anything different!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Project - Fall

So this week’s word was Fall. Prince Charming chose it. Fall is a great time of year, the leaves start changing all their pretty colors, kids go back to school, Halloween & Thanksgiving followed by Winter which brings Christmas. Driving down the road you can smell chimney's burning because cooler weather is near and all the pretty fall decorations. Minus the cooler temps I love fall, when it comes to temps, the hotter the better!!!! So I guess without further ado here is the unveiling of our photos. :)


I always think of campfires in the fall and roasting hotdogs. This was at a post Halloween party I attended.

Prince Charming:
This month we hit a full Moon on Monday. It has looked full for about 4 days but the true "full moon" hit Monday November 2nd.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Post Halloween Party

I'm a member of a women's club and we were supposed to have a "Halloween" party and camp fire cookout the Thursday night before Halloween. Well circumstances came up and we were unable to have it then, so it got postponed to last night. We met at Mary's house and were supposed to come in costume. After the Month of October we were all afraid that it would be frighteningly cold but last night was awesome weather. Although we were supposed to dress up, not everyone did :( but we had some great costumes from those who did!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bumble Bee

Saturday night was Halloween. What does that mean... all the little ghosts and goblins come out to play and want to Trick or Treat you! Last year I went to a Halloween party. We had a load of fun because we all dressed up, it was great. I went as Marilyn Monroe. This year there had been debate all the way up to Halloween and I never was told about anything. Oh well worked out for the best anyway, because Sunday November 1 is Prince Charming's birthday. My mom and I actually had tickets to the ballet in Tulsa; we went to see Dracula. It was awesome!!! So we used Saturday night to take Prince Charming out for his birthday. You'll have to ask him for sure but I think he really enjoyed his birthday presents and his birthday in general!

Well he got Tbug for his birthday after she was done trick-or-treating. His mom went to pick her up from her mom for us. We were on our way home from Monet and his mom called and said Tbug wanted us to see her in her Halloween costume and wondered where we were. Well we actually were only about 3 miles from his house so we went on to his house and waited. They were just behind us. She was the cutest Bumble Bee! She came in and showed us and then went to eat her McDonalds and we didn't want to get ketchup all over her outfit so we had her go change. She went in the other room, in the mean time, my mom, dad and I were waiting with Prince Charming, my mom looked at my dad and said, do you have a dollar. He said he did out in the truck so he went out to get it. I checked my pockets and I had $.50. Prince Charming got me another $.50 so I had a dollar as well. When Tbug walked out my mom was like, well aren't you going to Trick-or-Treat me? Tbug looked at her funny and we all suggested that she go say it. When she did she got a dollar and ran around the room excited. Then I was like, well where's mine. She came over, said it and I gave her a dollar as well. She got all excited again and then stopped dead in her tracks and just stared at my dad. It was hilarious! You couldn't have asked for better timing!


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