Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Surviving Christmas!!

This was actually the easiest, most fun Christmas I've had in years, we're talking YEARS!! It was laid back, relaxed, no one was upset, no one was mad, there wasn't extreme running around trying to get everyone everywhere and getting people mad b/c we were running late. If every year could be this easy, bring on Christmas (and yes it is my favorite holiday!). Aunt Connie had to work on Christmas Day this year (since she's a doctor, we have to work around her schedule at times) so we celebrated with Aunt Connie & Brad, mom & dad, Prince Charming, Tbug & me on the night of the 23rd. I had to work the day of the 23rd so I made Prince Charming a deal, he got to go to my house and help my mom by being my replacement for the day. She had him wrapping presents, cooking, cleaning and I'm sure whatever else she needed help with, and he made Brad's corn, compliments to the chef! By the end of the night there wasn't much at all left. It was my grandma's recipe and I was the only one who had it so I found it and that was the corn recipe for this Christmas. We also had baked Spaghetti (that Prince Charming & I worked on making the night before), garlic toast, and cheesecake, Plus some appetizer dips to start the night out. We were all stuffed by the end of the night. Tbug's mom brought Tbug to me here at work when I got off so we buzzed home and pulled in right before Aunt Connie & Brad got there. The tradition at our house is to eat appetizers, open presents, eat dinner/dessert, and then play with all our new gifts (or try them on).

Merry Christmas Baby!

Of course we all need Santa hats!

Kissy attack!! She took it like a trooper!

Who says you need Mistletoe to kiss?

Tbug opening presents

me opening presents

Prince Charming's got the camera ;)

You have to try on new clothes... ps he's dropped a pants size! Way to go baby!

This is just beautiful... no lights but Christmas

Christmas Eve was pretty laid back also. Prince Charming woke up and made us Christmas Eve breakfast. OMG was it delicious! Then we went out, saddled up Aloha with Tbug's new saddle, and her mom and family came out to watcher her ride her new saddle she got for Christmas from her Grandma. After that we went in the house to warm up and shower. Prince Charming & I had plans to go to Midnight Church services but a small ice/snow storm blew in so all services around here got cancelled. We went and toughed out the crowd at Hobby Lobby (which was non-existent) and then mom had a list of stuff she wanted from the store. We started to go to Wal-Mart and decided against that so we went to Food-4-Less. Much better. It was still busy but not nearly like Wal-Mart. Then we headed home and played John Deere Monopoly which I kicked Prince Charming's butt at. I love you hunny!!! And then that night headed to his house to stay so we could get up first thing Christmas morning to go down and see his family.

All snazzed up, new shirt, jeans, boots & jacket! Baby you look HOTT!!

Playing John Deere Monopoly

Christmas morning, as my normal tradition, I was awake by 5 and couldn't go back to sleep. I love my sleep but something about Christmas morning and I'm wide awake. Prince Charming & I watched Christmas Vacation and finally it was time to get up and go to his sisters. We had a wonderful breakfast strata thing at her house, opened a few presents and then headed to my grandma's. Grandma had breakfast too but we were way to stuffed to eat so we passed. Then opened presents and then grandma started on lunch. At noon Prince Charming's mom came over and he went to get Tbug from her mom. After that it was back to our house for Tbug to see what Santa brought her there. Then his mom took Tbug to her house and I passed out from all the excitement and finally tiredness. I can't stress it enough, this was one of THE BEST, stress free Christmas' I've experienced in forever and I got to share it with the ones I love. Oh by the way, it snowed, so we had a White Christmas. Now I'm sick of it and it can go away!! Bring on 90 degrees!

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas, oh no wait that's real!

Sitting at Grandma's!

Santa brought Tbug a Cowgirl hat!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Kansas City Christmas

Boy don't you just love this time of the year?? It's so festive and beautiful, all the lights and decorations and smells and spirits and the list goes on and on! Well my Grandpa's sister lives in Shawnee Mission, KS (Kansas City); every year we head to Kansas City on the Sunday before Christmas to have lunch with them and just visit. This year's trip was yesterday! I was so excited because Prince Charming & Tbug got to go with me. Unfortunately we had to take my car, I love my car and I'm not ready to get rid of it, but boy when the 3 of us go, it would be nice to have a bigger car. I can't even steal my mom's, she drives a 2 seater, definitely doesn't work with 3 people however when you pop the trunk, it has a diagram that shows how to get 2 golf bags in the trunk... guess we know what age group they are targeting ;). Anyway we met at an Italian restaurant on the Kansas side of KC I believe. I can't remember the name but boy was the food GOOD! Margie did a great job picking the place, but that's only to be expected! After that we headed to Margie's house in Mission Hills (instead of Aunt Sue's this year). First time I've ever been in her house and boy was it beautiful! I absolutely loved her Christmas tree. It reminds me of a Charlie Brown type Christmas tree but it was absolutely gorgeous! This photo doesn't do it justice!!! Prince Charming, Tbug & I headed over to the Plaza since we were so close and passed by this beautiful park. We just had to stop and take pictures! I loved it! We didn't have my big camera because as usual, I forgot. I even set it out to take and walked off without it so we used Prince Charming's point and shoot. It was chilly but hey we were in KC in December, what can you expect?? After that we did make it to the Plaza and walked around a bit. Then went back to Margie's before heading home. On the way home we played an app called Would you Rather, (ie would you rather live in a cage of snakes or a cage of spiders, would you rather eat sand or clay, etc). It was fun and passed the time. Then we went by the light display by the Vietnamese in Carthage and then home. I think we were all pooped by the time we got home. I know I was in bed and probably asleep right after 9:30. Once I got home I had to call and talk to Prince Charming... LOL... I know I was with him all day but was just in a chatty mood but I couldn't last any longer.

Margie's Tree but seriously, this photo doesn't do it justice!!

Tbug & Me at the restaurant

Grandpa & Aunt Sue

We found a very nice man who took our photo all together!!

Tbug & me at the park

Daddy loves his little girl!

The water was frozen and made for a cool shot!

She is such a ham!! :)

This would have been a great shot if my hair hadn't fallen in my face :(

Prince Charming & me back at Margie's House

Addy (Margie's daughter) has a 2 year old, Briggs, and he fell in love with Tbug. She was hiding from him.

haha this is a funny photo of Uncle Jack (aka Jackie by me)

The light tunnel at the light display

Prince Charming, Tbug & I loved this light set up!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Program

Last night Prince Charming and I went to Tbug's School Christmas program. It was very interesting. It's been a LONG time since I have been to a childs school program. I'm not completely sure what I thought but Tbug was one of the Narrators and she did an awesome job. I could hear her and she spoke clearly. I got a few photos. I'm extremely excited to start a scrap book of just her. I plan to do that after Christmas. I have been collecting photos of her from her different events. I know short sweet and to the point. Here are some photos to share :)

Tbug goes to Private School so classes are small so this was 2 year olds through 3rd grade

Tbug did an excellent job with her lines!!

Another one of Tbug! Prince Charming's camera got some pretty good distance!

Nope, I'm not proud :)

Ok I had to share this photo, it was just perfect timing, the girl next to Tbug looks like she is head banging or something. Super cute!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ft. Worth or Bust!!

I was so excited about this last weekend. Finally I took some vacation and the family headed to Ft. Worth, Texas. I so needed the time off!! I think I'm starting to get antsy. To much time in doors because of cold weather. I hate cold weather. I really should move to Arizona or Hawaii or someplace warm! Anyway another story another time. Friday morning we headed for Ft. Worth to go watch the NCHA Championship Futurity. This is a yearly occurance. Every couple of years my dad shows down there and usually my uncle has a colt or 2, plus people that we show with on a consistent basis at the local shows participate. All 3 year old babies who have never been show in front of a judge compete. It usually starts around the week/weekend of Thanksgiving and lasts through around the second weekend in December. These babies go hard core all the way through. Some have good moments and some have flaws, that's just the name of the game. 2 1/2 minutes can make you or break you. Unforunately this year Squirt got sick in July/August and was on "bedrest" for almost a month so she got behind. Dad still worked her and trained her up until it got real cold outside in November and she just got better and better but we weren't able to take her down to compete this year. He's planning on working her this next spring and showing her at the local weekend shows. If she gets better, we may take her to some aged events. My uncle had 2 horses that he exhibited down there. He made it to the semi finals of the Non-Pro with one and made it to the second go-round of the Non Pro with the other. Aunt Connie and Brad were a little sad/disappointed but that's the name of it all. You go, pay the judge for their opinion. You can like it or you can't but in the end, they have the final say. This was Prince Charming's first futurity to attend. He was like every other person at the end, gung-ho ready to go home and work work work.

While down there, there is some down time. Some is between herds while they do the cattle changes and some is during the day/evening when the show isn't going on. You have trade shows you can walk through, there are horse sales going on, or you can leave the show complex and go out and explore Ft. Worth. We did a little bit of all of it. They also have on Saturday mornings what they call Million Dollar Alley, where and stallion with a lifetime earning of 1 million dollars (between them and their colts) you can pay to advertise stud breedings. Usually the breeders will give you things to get you to come talk to them such as ink pens, gloves, food, candy, you name it, they probably have it out there to get their stud name promoted. That's the name of the game. One of the studs has a breeding fee of $35,000 (not including mare care) and they sold 250 breedings last year alone if this tells you anything. I kind of thing Prince Charming was blown out of the water just a bit... LOL

 One of our traditions is on Sunday to go to the Old Stockyards in Downtown Ft. Worth. We usually also eat brunch at a restaurant called Joe T. Garcias. It's a gorgeous restaurant that I really think at one time was a Mexican Hacienda. We usually get there to watch the show Friday afternoon and the Open finals is Sunday evening. We then get up first thing Monday and drive home. It's a great little mini vacation to get away, relax, and partake in the new and upcoming events, products, and horses.

Joe T. Garcias - it was 70 degrees Sunday you can bet we ate outside!!

I love skylines so of course I got one from a favorite City, Ft. Worth

Love the Old Stockyards too!

This is where the live bullrides happen at Billy Bob's

Killing time sleeping, that works!

He tried to blame me for getting thrown in jail :(... (LOL)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Project - Horse

So last week we postponed the word since Prince Charming and I were going to a "Horse" Show down in Ft. Worth Texas. It only seemed appropriate to postpone Horse until then. It was a great show and when Michael Cooper marked a 226 we thought the show was won. I made the comment to Prince Charming, man that's a hard score to follow, I wouldn't want to do it, but sure enough the very next guy, Tom Piggot out did Michael. Tom scored a 229. But the minute that Michael hit that score, that set the finals of the OPEN NCHA Cutting Futurity into an excellent show. Up until then it was just okay. My uncle was in the Non Pro and made it to the Semi Finals. We were very proud of him! This was Prince Charming's first time to go to the Futurity ever and I sure think and hope he had a wonderful time. Now it's time to come home and get ready for Christmas! After the 1st of the year the shows will start back up.


Before all the finals they do rider introductions. All the riders ride down on a horse (usually a turn back horse) and they are introduced in order they will show. Then the Prayer is conducted by a local preacher and then the Star Spangled Banner is sung. After that they have a horse race back behind the judges stands. It's fun to watch b/c at times it so looks like they will crash into each other.

Prince Charming:

This year was the first introduction of the "Mechanical Horse & Cow". It is the closest you can get to riding a cutting horse without being on the back of one. They had free rides and we wanted to ride but never tried it out. You had a seatbelt that secured you on the horse (in caseyou thought you'd fall off but they made everyone wear it).

If you want to know more about the show results, the type of horses that I show, or this mechanical cow visit: www.nchacutting.com

Next weeks project word (phrase): Christmas in the City

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


We Wish you a Merry Christmas, We Wish you a Merry Christmas, We Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! *sigh* Finally I can sing that and no one is going to look at me like I'm crazy. Although this year it's been funny because I refer back to that email I got with the Chihuahua's where the male says come on honey, please. and she says, no not tonight. And he says but please baby. And she says no I'm not in the mood. and he says real quick and she goes ok fine make it fast and they sing "Wee Wee Choo a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year". So I've been singing it more like that instead of normal. Oh well you have to have fun in life or life is boring! I'm sure getting my fill of Christmas music too... 93.9 plays all Christmas music from Thanksgiving through Christmas and of course my radio's are all tuned to that station. I don't think we get enough Christmas music!!

Tbug & Prince Charming helping Liss decorate her tree

This Christmas is going to be a lot of fun I believe and the least stressful of all I've celebrated the last few years. This is one of my favorite times of the year, I'm sure you've heard or read or anything, me saying. I just love it. The warm spirits, the smells, the everything. I'm not even sure there are enough words to describe it. Last Friday night Prince Charming, Tbug, Memaw and I went through an outdoor Journey to Bethleham at Racine Church. It was great and lots of fun but oh so cold. Then this weekend is the yearly trip to Ft. Worth. Thursday night is our PEO Talent table which Mark's sister is going to go with me to. Oh and heading to Kansas City to see family and then Christmas. This is the time of the year most people look forward to 11 months out of the year and it goes by so fast :(. All in all though, we must NEVER forget the reason for the season. We need to thank God for sending his son to the people he created to show them that someone is willing to die for their sins. We are all human and we do make mistakes. If we were perfect, we'd be God, but we aren't, we are human.

This is Prince Charming and my first Christmas together and we are trying to incorporate different traditions that we both enjoy as well as creating new traditions for ourselves. We set up 2 Christmas trees together, my parents big tree and mine which I want to turn into OUR tree. We've decided that we need to buy an ornament a year and morph my tree into our tree. I think at the end of the season I want to buy a pre-lit tree. I'm not real big on stringing lights... it's a pain in the rear! But most pre-lit trees seem to come only with white lights. Who knows we'll see. I also got our work tree put up today. Anyone else need help putting up Christmas trees, I'm getting pretty good at this ;).

Prince Charming helping me wrap Christmas presents (they are all done too... yey!)

Memaw bought Prince Charming and me John Deere Christmas Santa hats. His is green and yellow, mine is pink. They both have the John Deere logo on them. Prince Charming is so good to me... He agreed to dress up with me and have his photo taken. He's in his green and yellow John Deere sweats with his Santa hat and I'm in my Pink and brown John Deere pj's with my pink Santa hat. Some of the hairbrain things I ask him to do that I think he'll tell me NO, he does. He even helps me cook dinner, vacuum, sweep, clean the house. Boy do I have a keeper. And he's also my personal heater although when he leaves he grabs my rice bag and throws it in the microwave for me so my knees don't hurt so bad when I'm going to sleep. I think I'll keep him ;).

haha we traded hats!!!

One Big Happy Family
(Liss, Dill Pickle (Liss's son), Prince Charming, Tbug & me)


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