Thursday, January 28, 2010

Project - Work

I bet you thought we'd forgotten about the picture of the week. Well we hadn't forgotten however just hadn't taken the time to put them up. I had all of Prince Charming's choices of photo but I wasn't sure what he wanted to be "the one" and me.... well I never really decided either. Mine is rather boring I think but hey it's all good :). So they are talking about a nasty storm getting ready to hit us, I'd be ok if it didn't truthfully. I'm not such a big fan of cold weather, especially because it's lambing season and they all seem to want to come during the coldest weather. My first set was born on Tbug's birthday, I lost both lambs and then the next day lost the ewe. Then we hit all that freezing cold weather and every night I'd go out and ask the expecting mothers to keep their legs closed. I got lucky that time, I'm not so sure I can get that lucky this next cold spat. So I guess it's time to show photos that you are really wanting to see :)


This is my view pretty much everyday, except the time changes ;)

Prince Charming:

This is a project Prince Charming helped my mom work on :)

Next weeks (and yes that will be this weekend's post) word: Random

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday Fun

Yesterday morning Prince Charming, Tbug & I got up and got ready for Church. Prince Charming and I have almost made it a weekly habit of having tator tots with sausage and cheese for breakfast, You talk about good!! Then as we were about ready to walk out the door to go to Church, the horses were out. He changed clothes real fast and I hadn't put church clothes on yet so we ran outside in the cold to put the horses away. I went walking out in hot pink shorts, black socks almost to my knees, my boots, t-shirt and my coat and Tbug goes, I have to find my coat, we're leaving for church right. I walked back in and had to laugh. I told her I wasn't about to go to church looking like that. Prince Charming's mom kept her in the house so she wouldn't get dirty. Then we ran back in the house, both changed clothes and I did my make-up in the truck going down the road. Since this was a Tbug weekend we made plans to get a generations photo at church with Prince Charming's grandma, dad, Tbug and him, 4 generations. While we were there we did a few other photos too. Then driving home we took some back country roads and found some beautiful places to stop for photo shoots. We didn't last long though b/c it was chilly outside. We got a few good photo's though :) I hope you enjoy!

Something about me & train tracks, but I loved the graffiti also, I thought it added to the photo!!

Again a different angle with the Train Track

It was chilly out there so Tbug & I were keeping each other warm!

This was at Spout Springs a few roads over from the train track

I actually photoshopped this one. I wish I had a little more training on photoshop! Someone at work told me it looked like a scene out of Twilight, in Forks.

Ok so this isn't from yesterday but again I was playing with photoshop. I just lightened this one b/c it was darker.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Mud on the Farm

Yesterday Prince Charming got up and made me breakfast (yum! It was hasbrowns with sausage & cheese!!) and then we got dressed and went to Church. His dad is finally out of the hospital so we went to his church. We offered to take him and bring him home but he had a ride there just needed a ride home. He got to ride in the muddy truck. I promise Prince Charming didn't go mudding but it sure looks like he did! After we dropped his dad off, Prince Charming ran me to Walmart so I could pick up my photos I placed in 1 hour and while I was getting them, he went and washed the truck. Now the beast is red again :)

So after we picked up my pictures then we came home to help my dad move my sheep around. I had baby lambs (twin-ewe & ram) born last week and it was time to get them out of the barn and outside, plus clean up their pen for the next round. I have the potential of 20 ewe's lambing. So far I've had 2 (one had the twins we moved and I lost a ewe and her twins...) I have a small shed we'd made one time that was actually out in one of the horse pens (to short for them to use) so we moved it up into the yard in front of the barn and used some panels to create a fence around them. Now they have shelter and running room :).

Moving the shed with the chains Prince Charming hooked on it

contemplating where to put the shed now that it's out of the mud

Their first home
Their new home

You know it's muddy when you see dog prints inside car tracks. Dogs don't weigh that much. Prince Charming had the smart idea to hook on to the shed with chains and bring it to the tractor to keep from rutting up the yard too much. But like I said, it's bad when my car and the dogs are leaving mud prints.

Saturday we also cleaned out the cabinents and started a compost pile of old food. Thought we could add some dirt into it and make some real fertile soil for the garden we are going to attempt this summer. We'll see how this experiment goes :). So Sunday we washed canning jars and took them back to my grandma. For Christmas my grandpa got a Jassonkey (a donkey) and I finally got to see him. I hadn't seen him yet. I guess he can jump across my grandparents cattle guard and goes up and starts pawing the deck in the middle of the night.
Compost bucket... looks yummy doesn't it?

The Jack... or Jassonkey as I call him b/c of my grandpa...

Other projects for the day included feeding hay to the expecting ewes and baking. When we took the jars to my grandma she sent me home with a pan of homemade rolls (all started b/c Prince Charming loves her homemade strawberry preserves which she gave him and said he needed something to eat them with), a pan of homemade cinnamon rolls... all we had to do was bake them, then I made a "Is it really Better than Sex cake" by Paula Deen.

Giving the ewes hay

look at the muddy tractor tire prints

I think they look happy :)

Here's 3 other random photos. I guess for using my iPhone for all these photos, they didn't turn out half bad.

Red was watching all the excitement from the comfort of the barn.

On our way to get a cattle panel from the field

doesn't Morelli look guilty?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Project - Tbug's Camera

This week we chose to do something off Tori's camera as a way to judge how she is progressing with her usage. Needless to say she had some interesting photos, we got to see Memaw's butt, funky angles of Cowgirl, bottom shots of her friends while they were jumping at her birthday party at the flip shop, out of focus shots, in focus shots, you name it, oddly enough I think we saw it, even shots of the tv shows that she or Memaw were watching. Out of roughly 50 photos or so, we each chose photos that we liked. So without further adu.... Tori's Camera Shots:

I chose this because it looks like Tori is using a type of framing


I chose this because I thought this was a very well taken photo for a 7 year old with her first camera.

Next weeks word: Work

Monday, January 11, 2010

Crock-Pot Brats

So funny story, I love to cook. I got addicted to watching Foodnetwork until, well, we no longer have satellite tv. Now Prince Charming records shows for me and we watch Rachael Ray and Paula Deen while I'm at his house. He didn't even know who they were when we started dating. So on to the funny story. My dad gave me the recipe and said we should make it. He bought a 5 lb bag of potatoes. Well I went to cut these potatoes up and the recipe calls for 1 lb potatoes cut in cubes. Well I saw the bag and it said Net Wt. 5 lbs. Well I saw it as Net Wt .5lb so I was thinking it was a half lb bag of potatoes. So I go to chopping potatoes and the crockpot is getting extremely full and I still have to get onion and brats in there. Yeah turns out I misread the bag and it was a 5lb bag of potatoes I was cutting up. So I dished a bunch of them out, put them in a bowl and added water and stuck it in the fridge. Sounds like we'll be eating lots of Mashed Potatoes this weekend.
Anyway this is excellent. I'm not always big on brats but this dinner was excellent.

Crock-Pot Bratwurst Dinner
serves 4

1lb uncooked bratwurst
1lb Yukon Gold potato, in 1.5 inch chunks
1 onion, in 1 inch chunks
1 (14 oz) can sauerkraut
1/2 cup water
1 tsp fresh ground black pepper
1 tsp dried parsley
sour cream or Mustard

1. Place potatoes in the bottom of the crockpot, followed by onion
2. Place whole (not cut up!) bratwurst over top of the onions and potatoes
3. Spoon sauerkraut over brats, and then pour water over the sauerkraut
4. Sprinkle with black pepper and parsley
5. Cover with crock pot lid and cook on low for 8-10 hours
6. Serve with sour cream and/or mustard

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project - Snow

This weeks word was Snow. Boy did we have lots of photo ops for this!! I personally am sick of snow and I heard that February is supposed to be worse. Yuck! When you drive a Mustang, it doesn't go so well with this type weather. Note to self, next vehicle, get front wheel drive or 4x4. So I've made 3 posts today so I will just get to business and reveal the photos :)
I was driving down Co Rd 130 and thought this was beautiful. I wish the cows up on the ridge line showed up better!

Prince Charming:

His dad has been in the hospital since Wednesday night. This is his dad's view from his room window. Wish you could see the ducks better with the snow around them.

Next weeks word: Tbug's Camera (better explanation Tbug got a camera for her birthday. Prince Charming and I are to go through her photos and choose the one we like best. Then every couple months we will do this to show her progress in taking photos.)

Tbug's Birthday

Oh My goodness gracious... I almost forgot to even write/post about Tbug's birthday. My oh my I'm falling down on the job. Work has been extremely busy this last week and so I come home and am just ready to unwind! Although I'd much rather extremely busy than I would nothing to do. Makes the time go faster. Unfortunately for Tbug, her birthday is only a week after Christmas. She gets Christmas and birthday presents in 1 week and then she's done for the year really. I tell Prince Charming they didn't plan that out so well... but oh well it happened that way so what can you do... Nothing. Anyway we took her out for dinner for her birthday and my mom asked her where she wanted to go, her first response, Aunt Lissa's. My mom looked at Prince Charming like is she serious??? Anyway we explained we were taking her out to dinner to a restaurant, so we wanted to know which one. Her next comment was the Joplin Steakhouse. Again that caused a puzzled look from all of us. There are quite a few steakhouses in Joplin, which one did she mean.... We questioned her a bit and she said it was the one by the furniture store. So again... none of us knew exactly where she was talking about so Prince Charming got the brilliant idea... what's it look like. She said, "well it has a fish pond out front and it's by the furniture store." Ah we figured it out, she meant the Japanese Steakhouse. Well the Japanese Steakhouse it was. Mom, dad, memaw, Prince Charming & I took Tbug to eat dinner on January 1st (the day before her birthday) to the Japenese Steakhouse. She told her daddy before Christmas that she wanted a Hannah Montana digital camera, but after looking at them and reading the reviews, they didn't look like that good of a camera. Plus for $20 more, we could get her a better camera, so we got her a Kodak Easyshare. Figured that would be a good learning camera, very easy to use and user friendly. Well since we were going to the Japanese Steakhouse, she had to have her camera to take pictures :) so we gave her her present before we left the house. We also got her a pink camera case for the camera. Prince Charming had my big camera out taking photos. She opened the present, looked at the box, asked me if it was a camera, I grinned and Prince Charming said yes and luckily Prince Charming had a fast enough trigger finger, he caught the look on her face. I think she loved it! She took a few photos and then many more afterwards. The day of her birthday, her mom & step dad had a party for her at the Flip Shop and we were invited. Prince Charming and I took her digital camera there for her as well so that she could play with it. I personally think she got way to many presents for Christmas that by the time she got to the last of them, it was just another present and she looked at us like, do I really have to open another present. That is partially why we cut down on the presents for her birthday, but I think they went over way well! She was excited to get the present and that's what mattered the most! One of our project photos will be made of Tbug pictures.

Tbug opening her present... Wonder what it could be...

Is it really a Camera??!!

Tbug took Prince Charming & my picture with her new camera waiting at the Japanese Steakhouse

Tbug wanted her photo taken with Memaw

Lu cleaning the grill

Onion Volcano

Lu made Tbug a birthday cake of fried rice with a fried egg on top and we all sang Happy Birthday to her

The day of her birthday at the Flip Shop, the kids were having a ball race

Tbug takes Gymnastics and cheerleading at the Flip Shop. Here she was showing off a tumbling move for her daddy & me

Tbug & Prince Charming having a camera Shoot off :)

Tbug is blowing out the candles on the cake that her Mom got for her.

This was her last year's cheerleading photo that her mom had put on her birthday cake.

Marlin's 61st birthday

Prince Charming's dad Marlin had his 61st birthday on Saturday. The sad part about it is, he got to spend it in the hospital. His appendix ruptured on Wednesday or Thursday. He went into the hospital on Wednesday night but Prince Charming and I didn't find out until Thursday morning. After work I went to the hospital and sat with Prince Charming and Liss (Mark's sister) while Marlin went into surgery. Prince Charming's cousin and his daughter showed up as well. They thought it was one of two things, a Perforated Bowel or appendicitis. I didn't know about the appendix until I got to the hospital Thursday night. In fact if Marlin saw I put some of these photos up, he might disown me... LOL so please don't tell :). So yesterday (Saturday the 9th) was his 61st birthday. Prince Charming, Liss & I decided we should do something for him on his birthday, especially since he had to sit in the hospital so Prince Charming & Liss called some family members together, Liss got party plates & napkins and I made a cake and we went in to surprise him on his birthday. It worked out great. Marlin was up in the bathroom when Prince Charming and I got there around 4:45 so we put the cake and presents in an empty cabinet and sat there and talked as if nothing was going on. Everyone else gathered in the waiting room and waited for Liss & Jason to show up. Marlin saw my camera sitting on the counter and asked what I was up to and I claimed I didn't want to leave it in the frigid temperatures sitting in Prince Charming's truck and he believed me. whew thanks for quick thinking there! So Prince Charming walked out of the room on the phone and when he walked back in everyone came in with him. Under the circumstances I think this was a great birthday! Here are a few photos and here's where Marlin might disown me... :( sorry Marlin.

Marlin's Birthday cake (unfortunately he didn't get to take any... I'll make him a cake when he gets better!!)

Marlin with his grandkids, Dill Pickle & Tbug

Family who came

more family!

Happy Birthday Marlin!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009 in Review

Welcome to 2010 and the beginning of ..... Global Warming, or so they say... I'm not convinced.... um... last I knew it was freezing temps outside, actually below. Bring on Summer!!!

--New Years Day- well New Years Eve was spent at Twisters so you can imagine that right after midnight, I was in Kansas at Twisters but headed home. Yey :)

January also started dinner club
~January: Bijans in Springfield

~February: Red Oak Steakhouse at Downstream Casino

~March: Kinnaree in Joplin

~April: Avanzare in Springfield

~May: Bayou in Monet

~June: Wilders Steakhouse in Joplin

~July: Touche' in Springfield

~August: Roswitha's Schnitzelbank in Webb City

~September: Haruno's in Springfield

~October: Mytho's Euro Greek Cusine in Joplin

~November: D'Arpino's Italian Cafe in Springfield

~December was back at Kinnaree but I was in Ft. Worth so I missed the last dinner club of the year :(

February brought about getting my front teeth fixed

March: I attended the formation of PEO chapter NJ on the 7th
and dad & I attended the Buffalo sale and added 3 more buffalo to our herd. Plus I saw an old college friend at the sale, but unfortunately didn't realize it was him until he sent me a message on facebook :(...

May: Lots of weddings!
Brian's Band had a reunion gig at Jim's Bar

Becky's on the 16th (and I missed it due to another wedding)
Missy's Wedding also on the 16th where I did my first wedding cake

Nikki's Wedding was on the 23rd

June: I attended my first Relay for Life event on the 7th. We held the first ever bra decorating contest at our event. It got some strange looks and my bra won :)

Camille's wedding was on the 20th (I missed it also due to another wedding)
Anya's wedding was the wedding I attended on the 20th
Kristen's wedding was on the 27th.
(boy lots of weddings this year!!)

July: I had my 1st date with my sweetheart. It was actually at our dinner club meeting at Touche' on the 25th.

I also met his daughter Tbug the next weekend.

August: Prince Charming, Tbug and I along with his sister, brother in law and nephew went to Silver Dollar City

September: photography class (yey!!) with Evelyn & Josh

October: Mom and I headed for Weatherford TX to watch my uncle show.
Prince Charming moved home that same weekend for good :)
Nicole & Ed had a Showeception as they called it for the wedding

then the wedding followed on the 24th

November: Prince Charming and I attended one of Tbug's Cheerleading competitions in Tulsa.

plus the weekend of Thanksgiving I was up in time to watch a beautiful sunrise.

December: Prince Charming got to experience Ft. Worth with us the 11th - 14th.

And for the first time I think in 7 years we had a white Christmas (although the snow is still sticking around...)

Also this year brought about many photo shoots with Evelyn, Josh, Prince Charming & Tbug

in June mom, Cynthia and I went to Tulsa to see Wicked and then mom and I went to Tulsa in November to see Dracula.

This year had its shares of ups and downs, I only chose to highlight the ups. Bring on 2010. I'm ready :)

And my year ended with my midnight kiss to start 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Project - New Beginnings

It's 2010.... that alone is a new beginning! So Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year. I did. I got to spend it with my sweetheart (yes I got midnight kiss!!) and his little girl and then his sister, brother in law and nephew (who fell asleep around 10 bless his heart!) Tbug has had her birthday for the year. She was born on 1-2-3. I feel bad for her, getting Christmas and her birthday all within a week of each other. Next time they should plan it out a little better, oh wait next time... yeah that kid better not have the exact same parents or else we'll have some problems. (I love you honey, it was a joke b/c I know better). So on with the picture unveiling.


Tbug got her first camera. We got her a Kodak for her Birthday. This is the new beginning to a lot more photos... LOL

Prince Charming:

This is the first picture of us in our first full year together

Next weeks project: Snow

Friday, January 1, 2010

6 Months and Counting

At the end of the year, we'll always have the number and one half of a year in our book.


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