Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ice Cream Cake

On my birthday I so wanted an Ice Cream Cake for my birthday cake.  I got one too :)  My husband and my mommy love me!!  They actually bought mine from Dairy Queen, however I ran across this recipe for an Ice Cream Cake and you can bet your bottom dollar that I plan on making this someday :)

Ice Cream Cake
you'll need:
25ish oreo cookies
1 stick of butter
1 jar of hot fudge
1 tub of ice cream (flavor of your choice) set out to soften
1 small or large tub of cool whip
chocolate syrup
mini m&ms, sprinkles or whatever you choose to decorate with

melt your stick of butter completely. 
while melting, put your oreos in a baggie and beat them like crazy with a rolling pin. 
when crushed, pour them into your baking pan and mix with the melted butter. 
Spread mixture evenly.
Top the crushed oreos with some warm hot fudge (just warm enough so it's easy to spread).
Pop it into the freezer for about 15 minutes to harden.
Spoon out the ice cream and spread evenly
(we used mint chip. . . can never go wrong with that flavor).
Pop it back in the freezer for another 15 minutes for the ice cream to firm back up.
Spread the cool whip evenly.
Top with chocolate syrup and something fun and colorful!
Then put it back in the freezer and wait patiently for about an hour.

And just so you don't feel jipped, here are a few photos from my birthday :)
Dang, do I have a big mouth or what??!!

Project 52: Nature

Saturday, July 30, 2011

You mean everything to me! Happy Birthday Wife!!

28 years ago today was the beginning of the most beautiful thing in my life.
The Beautiful woman who is now my wife was born 28 years ago today. This woman often sells herself short, she doesn’t realize just how smart and wonderful and beautiful she really is. She is the love of my life, only god comes before her. I would like to take this opportunity to share a few of the reasons she is so wonderful.
She is beautiful.
She is Caring.
She is smart.
She is funny.
She is all about family.
She is a wonderful mother.
She is my best friend.
She is wife.
She is MINE!
And so to you my beautiful wife… HAPPY BIRTHDAY
I wish you MANY more, and I promise to try my best to make each and every one special.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Cowboy Butts

So I went to the Fortune Teller to see what my future held in store.

She said I'd meet a cowboy that'd make me fall to the floor.

I looked at her oddly and she showed me the cards

Then we moved over a couple yards.

She showed me her crystal ball and this is what I saw

A cowboy butt that stood real tall.

It sure looked familiar like I'd seen it before.

But maybe truly I'd seen it behind.

Guess I'll have to ponder that for a while :)

**Happy Friday.  Tomorrow is my birthday and my hubby has written a special post, I'm just not sure what it says.  I promised him I wouldn't read it until it posted :)**

Thursday, July 28, 2011

True Love is...

True Love is reading each and every post I put up on this blog
True Love is kissing me every night before we go to bed
True Love is kissing me every morning even before I brush my teeth
True Love is learning my passions right along side me
True Love is supporting my dreams, no matter how crazy they are
True Love is feeding my cookbook addiction
True Love is eating all my creations even if they don't turn out just right
True Love is telling me I'm beautiful even if I don't agree
True Love is bettering yourself for our family
True Love is looking out for my dog
True Love is helping out my family
True Love is blowing off my temper tantrums
True Love getting excited over the little things with me
True Love is listening to me rant and rave when things don't go quite as planned
True Love is calling me just to say I love you
True Love is pushing me to be my best
True Love is you, being you!

**Ok sorry, I guess I'll quit being so mushy :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jerry chello

Well, Hellllllllooooooo all my fine feathered friends... Lol :)

As you can tell, I've had posts posting, but I haven't been by to see you in a short while... Things at work have been extremely CRAZY! and when I come home at night, I'm pooped!

I worked my butt off over the weekend and found out that 5:45am does in fact actually exist.  In fact I even took a photo of it to share with you so you knew I wasn't crazy!

And in Southern Oklahoma, this is what mornings at 5:45am look like:

I spent both days doing a lot of this: 
btw, I hate painting trim, with a passion!
The weather down there every day, 102ish.  My uncle said they've been over 100 degrees for at least 27 days now.  The ground down there looks horrid!
That's the color of ALL the ground down there and many fire warnings are out

Look at crack in the ground, every fence was that way.

My uncle said a lot of the Texas cattle ranchers are having to sell cattle because there is no grass for them.  In fact at the NCHA Futurity held in December, they are worried about having enough cattle for the shows.  It's a huge concern.  So I say we pray for rain here, let's pray for rain for the dryer parts of the country, and let the wet parts of the country get a chance to dry up a bit!  (You know, after all the major flooding)

So then to add to all that excitement of the weekend, my sweetheart had an appointment Monday morning and he needed a driver.  I told him no problem and worked it out for a day of vacation.  All was going good until I got called for jury duty on no other than Monday.  I don't mind reporting for jury duty but seriously, when I have actual plans like driving my husband to an appointment.... <sigh>.  So my mom agreed to take him for me.  We got home at 10:30 Sunday night (after a long weekend of helping my aunt) and the trial had been cancelled so I was able to take him after all to his appointment.

He had to take some medicine to "numb" him 1 1/2 hrs before, and so sitting in the waiting room,

Oh I had a fun old time laughing my butt off at him.  The medicine made him loopy (hence needing a driver).  Along with watching Maury, Here are some of the cute sayings he was telling me:

Him: Jerry chello

Him: Frrrozen choc hotlet

Him: Shahihihiish

Him to me referring to himself: My bestestestest really good friend and might take offense to that husband guy (I posted a comment on his facebook page)

Him: My attn to detail has spiked

Him: There emergency lights are crooked,
Me: where are the emergency lights,
Him: hidden in the paintings, it's like where's Waldo

Him: My feets are asleet

Him: That picture is crooked

Him: I'm gonna be whiney tonight you'll be tired of me

Him but no idea what he was talking about: Are you bull shipping me?

Him to me while I was looking out a window: Don't check that old guy out, you'll make him nervous

Him: You stuck me on the billboard right beneath the bus

Him: Give them a list of all the things wrong so that they can raise the customer level of there comforts

Concerned with lights out and that they weren't evenly spaced "Aresemetrical", (yes it's misspelled b/c that's what he said) to give the building a better flow

Him: It'd be really cool if they'd let me take my phone and beerphones back there so I could put them in my beers and listen to music

Him: Valuable collectronics

Him: Don't does that to me

Him: (I put a post it on his shirt) You put a sticker on me, where'd you get a sticker 
He eventually moved it to his forehead
Then he started singing about a snake named Roman

Him: Don't forget to get Jerry's Chello 
Me: Are you going to play it?
Him: yup

This is what he told me they gave him to knock him out: Relapse-a-damn

(Our friend T's birthday is Saturday, T said he wanted a card so PC was telling me all kinds of cards we could give T) Giving T "card" board with glue and chicken feed for his birthday

Me: Your losing your sticker,
Him: well put it down the front of my pants, it'll stay there...
Me: Um how about I put it in your pocket,
Him: what if I drop my pocket?
Me: What if you drop your pants,
Him: stranger things have happened 

Him to me while I was video'ing some of this: It's no fair, I'm being taken advantage of and it doesn't even feel good

In fact, the dental Hygienist came to call another patient in and got tickled at me because I was video'ing him at one point.

So now you are caught up on my life and going on's... LOL :) I promise I'll get my google reader cleaned out!  It said this morning I had 336 new messages to read.... That's ok!  I plan on going home and relaxing tonight!  I should have plenty of time to catch up!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Medical Report

How to Tell if your feet stink.  {Keep on scrolling down}

Because I want you to get checked out to make sure you're healthy and will be around longer!

Medical Test
Stare into the cat's eyes for 10 seconds......
Then Scroll Down
Now Stare into the puppy's eyes for 10 seconds....
Scroll Down

Your Cat Scan
and Lab Tests
are now complete!

Do you feel like working today?
Me neither!

I just want to dance and celebrate that I lived another day!!!


.... Have a GREAT Day, Sunshine!!  
And Enjoy Your Daily Blessings!!!

Life is short!! 
Forgive Quickly!!
Love Truly!!
Laugh Uncontrollably!!
Let Your Light Shine Brightly for All the World to See!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Alfredo Sauce Mishaps - Take Two

So, Alfredo Sauce Take Two... I'd love to flat out tell you this round went better, but maybe you should continue to read.  {Don't know what I'm talking about... read the first mishap}

This time around we decided to make our own Ravioli.  I've seen Giada DeLaurentiis do this before, looked easy enough, right?

So first off decide what you want for your filling.  We chose Hamburger & Ricotta Cheese with a handful of Parmesan.  I needed the rest for my Alfredo Sauce so I skimped a little on the Parm...

So brown up the hamburger.

Once that is browned, dump it off in another bowl (or get another skillet, whatever) so it has a chance to cool.  Meanwhile start on making your Alfredo.  Now pour your 1 1/4 cups Chicken broth into the skillet.  This time pay attention,  make sure to grab the teaspoon and put 4 teaspoons of flour into the chicken broth.

Use a whisk to thicken the chicken broth, then add your 4 oz of cream cheese.  Remember to either let the cream cheese come to room temp or else make sure your broth is warm because if not, it will take forever for the cream cheese to melt...

While you are waiting on the cream cheese to melt add Ricotta Cheese to the hamburger mix along with any seasonings you (or your husband who forgets to tell you so you can blog about it) want to put in and the handful of Parmesan cheese (which your hubs says isn't enough but you have to explain you need the rest...); mix together.

Now use your Wonton Wrappers, fill with your stuffing.  Get a small glass (or I used my measuring cup) and place water in it.  Run your finger in the water and then run along the edge of all 4 corners.  Then decide if you want squares (larger) or triangles (smaller).

By this point my fingers were either covered in water or stuffing so I got the hubs to take photos.  He likes to take photos of me while we're cooking... LOL.

Anyway if triangles, fold into a triangle and press your seams together.  If squares, use a second wonton wrapper and press to the bottom one.

All was going good up to this point...

Then... not so much.

So get water rolling in  your pot and add your Ravioli to the boiling water.

All still seemed to be going good....  Like I said, I've seen Giada DeLaurentiis do this before...

So hubs is making the ravioli and I finished the sauce.  Yeah so the cream cheese decided not to melt so my sauce by this point is lumpy.  So I swirled it around for a while and then added the rest of the Parmesan Cheese.

And then I heard hubs saying, "Uh... something isn't right."  And we wound up with this mess...  I will tell you, they tasted good, but it was MESSY!  A lot of the filling came out in the boiling water.

So he said, "Let's get out the Deep Fryer."  Um... yeah... so we deep fried the ravioli's...

So Lumpy sauce mixed with Italian Wonton's and Wonton mush...

It was easier to pick them up and eat them with your fingers  :)

Now truthfully, they weren't bad, either way... but I'm going to have to study on how to make those dadgum ravioli's again using Wonton wrappers.  Anyone have experience making your own ravioli's with those wrappers?  Any suggestions, tips, clues?


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