Friday, May 18, 2012

Shoot Away - Guest Post

Have you met my friend EmmyMom?  She's a photographer, a mom and a truly great person.  I love looking at her photos on her blog and reading her stories.  She has a weekly mem about Proud Mommy Moments.  When I was looking for guest bloggers, I knew she was one I wanted and I wanted a post about photos.  Like I said, she's a photographer and she takes great photos.  What can I say :).  Ok EmmyMom, take it away!


I am a blogger and a photographer so I have this really bad habit- I document everything.

From the food I eat

To the laundry I despise

To the tantrums

To those truly happy moments.

I am a photographer so I sometimes find myself feeling like I can only publish those perfect pictures- the ones with the right composition, the perfect lighting.  Even trashing or hiding the ones that don't seem just right.  But then what do I miss?

Am I so busy waiting for the perfect shot that I miss all of the imperfect beauty around me?

Am I so busy waiting for that perfect moment, the next stage, the next milestone to shoot that I miss the little everyday things?

Or do I document it all- the good, the bad and the ugly because that is real.

I am done missing out because I am always waiting- waiting for that perfect shot, that perfect or next moment.

I can always wait or I can just shoot. Personally I like shooting best.

Me with my kids- trying to enjoy the ride of life as we make it through it

So I don't know about you but this so makes me want to go snap away.  Oh wait I do!  I get made fun of for all the photos I take, but I like pictures, I'm a blogger, and I don't care!  Trisha Yearwood has a show on Food Network now and her Uncle Wilson was on a few weeks ago.  He said it best when he said, photos aren't for today, they are for tomorrow. {I had to paraphrase because I don't know his exact words since I'm not where I can hear his words!}  So thank you EmmyMom for inspiring us to shoot away no matter if it is the good, the bad or the ugly, it's all fabulous!  Remember to check out EmmyMom!


  1. Emmy--great post! You are totally right sometimes we've just got to shoot the pictures to take in the moments :)

  2. See, now, this is why I need a new camera - I'm all about shooting away, but it seems I miss out on great shots, not because of my hesitance, but because my camera decides to do something silly right when I'm ready to snap! haha! Great post, Emmy :) Your pictures are beautiful!!

  3. Love this post! Mostly because I can totally relate to wanting that perfect shot when it turns out to be the imperfect shots that are the best of all :)

  4. I try to snap a pic of everything too! I wish we could have moments embedded in our memory!

  5. good point, take the shots, you never know.I have one that I took, never thinking it would be as good as it is , only wish now I had used the better camera

  6. I agree completely! Some of my favorite pics (and I have thousands) are the ones that aren't perfect. It helps me remember those moments that will soon be long gone.

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments! And Thanks Nicole for letting me guest post.

    And read my final caption- as this post is about a lot more than just taking pictures.

  8. She's precious! And I document everything,'s the blogger's life! Haha.

  9. Great Guest Posting Emmy!! Love your pictures in all their varieties!!

  10. I have met EMMY in person and I can testify that she takes lots of pictures and they are FANTASTIC!

  11. Great post Emmy! I too have a passion for photography. Unfortunately, I don't allow myself time to enjoy that passion often enough and I need to. But one thing I can say is that I love the most candid and unexpected pictures. Those usually turn out to be the perfect ones :) Thanks for bringing me over to Nicole! Loving your blog Nicole! :) I'm always wishing I was on a beach too. :)

  12. So funny and true! Bloggers really do document everything! Love it.

  13. Visiting from emmymom...I love that! Photos are for tomorrow I take more photos than I post and sometimes that's a lot but I photograph mostly for my kids future. I loved looking at old photos from childhood and I hope they will be the same. I don't always. Have the perfect lighting composition ect. But my kids aren't paying me so I shoot what I want lol. Love emmymom. Loved this post.

  14. Great post, great pics! I don't use my camera often ENOUGH!

  15. Awesome pictures! And I agree with you-- Just keep shooting! I think perfect pictures happen more with time. I'm not there yet. But I'm enjoying my imperfect pictures along the way.



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