Friday, June 7, 2013

The One Where I'm Not a Fashion Blogger

So have you ever wondered why I'm not a fashion blogger?

Exhibit A:

Lately this has been my go-to outfit.  Jeans (in this case some Old Navy pair I found in the closet), a Tshirt I bought in Hawaii (they were like 10 for $20 or something), My bling belt I bought in Branson down on the landing, my belt buckle I won showing horses and my boots that I bought the first year we were married.

Who would want to dress like me?

And then the posing.  Oh the posing.  Someone, please come give me a fashion make-over (but don't do anything with my belt/buckle!! or boots) and someone please teach me how to pose!

So this weekends plans are to bale hay.  Fun, right?  We're doing square bales which means I have to get my muscles on!  I went and ran on the treadmill Wednesday at the Y in town and actually enjoyed it.  Holy cow, someone slap me because I really think I'm dreaming.  Must be that runners high or something you hear so much about.

So anyway I'm out!  Have a wonderful weekend!  What are your plans??


  1. I would totally rock that outfit! I have been dying to get a bling belt.. but alas I do not have an amazing belt buckle. I'm loving the boots! My go to is a plain v-neck tee, jeans, and my romeos. :D I want to do a post like this! Ha ha!

  2. Are you kidding? That outfit is my standard as well (sans the big buckle - wear a belt everyday tho). Except add sweatshirt cuz its been so damn cold!

    Good luck with the small squares - those muscles better be ready, some gloves too :)

  3. You may not be a fashion queen but hell you look happy and so damn pretty and relaxed

  4. I love your outfit! I wear the same thing, except I have too much of a tummy for my shirt to look good tucked in! haha

  5. Haha! Love this! You totally rock this look... thank you so much for linking it up for Passion For Fashion! :)



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