Thursday, October 31, 2013

Week 4

How far along? Looks like 4 weeks....

Total weight gain/loss: couple pounds gained.  I'm not sure how y'all lose weight in the beginning.  Maybe I still will, but right now I'm starving all the time.  I don't eat all the time but I'm sure starving all the time.

How big is baby? Baby is the size of Poppyseeds. At 4 weeks your baby, now known as a blastocyst, is practically microscopic - a teeny ball of cells. Baby is busy settling into new home, prepping for all the crucial development it'll be doing over the next six weeks.

Maternity Clothes? I swear I need pants!

Stretch Marks? None other than originals

Best moment this week?um..........

Movement? too early

Food Cravings/Aversions? I have woke up dreaming about Ramen Noodles, Eggs, Bacon, Pizza,

What I miss: My clothes fitting and not feeling like I look fat.  Right now I'm at the stage I'm not showing, I just look fat.  I also haven't slept well at all this week, I'm ready to sleep good again.

What I'm looking forward to: Not feeling like I haven't slept in ages! Oh wait, I hear that never goes away...

Nausea/Vomiting? Haven't felt bad this week.  I hear it hits around week 6... we'll see.

Labor signs? Oh good gravy I sure hope not!

Gender? Your guess is as good as mine!

Belly Button in or out? I have an inny thanks for asking :)

Wedding rings on or off? On

Sleep? I pretty well have woken up every morning this week feeling a though I haven't slept in weeks.

Weekly Wisdom: Poor hubby.  I sure hope these mood swings go away.  Please bear with it just a bit longer... I hope.  I'm sick of them too!

Due Date: Thursday June, 26, 2014 based off internet results....

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  1. I was always starving when I was pregnant. Could eat like a lumberjack and gained the weight to match lol 60lb the first time, 50 the second and 45 the third time. Interesting enough the last kid was the biggest and I gained the least amount with him.



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