Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's all Kenzie's Fault!

So Monday when I logged in and started reading blog posts I stumbled across Kenzie's post of the US.  The trick is, she drew the map and then filled it in.  I smarted off that she didn't know where I lived (it's not drawn on her map) and that got us into discussing this which caused her to challenge me to try drawing the map as well.

Now, first off I'm NOT an artist, but here's my map.

I got all 50 states.  That was the first defeat!  In the west I placed Utah in the wrong place :(.  And because I didn't draw the states to their actual size, it kind of scrunched states into places they really don't belong, but I have them in the right place/order.  On the East coast I switched New Hampshire with Vermont, Pennsylvania with New York, Massachusetts with Connecticut.  Otherwise, if I had drawn the states to the right size, they'd have all been in the right place.

Just to prove it :)

This so reminded me of the Friend's Thanksgiving episode when Chandler challenged all of them to name all 50 states in 5 minutes.  So yeah, anyway, there's my map, are you willing to give it a try?  If so please let me know!!!

And tomorrow is Thanksgiving so I hope you all have safe travels to your destinations.  Spend time with family, Eat way to much and have a fantastic weekend!!!  I love you all!

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  1. Good for you!

    I had a teacher who believed it was a disgrace for anyone living in America to NOT know the states and capitals. Needless to say we drilled all year long on the map and I still know all of them to this day :)

  2. I sure couldn't label all of the states. That's pretty pathetic that I wouldn't be able to lol.

  3. I don't know if i would be any good at drawing the map, but i can name all the states and their capitols. Haha

  4. Yep, you did a heck of a lot better job than I did :D

  5. You know I was only recently having a disagreement with my sister about how many states there are in America I said there was 52 she said 50 I had to come home a google it to find out who was right..........

  6. I love that Utah is in the wrong place. <3 XD
    Trust me, I'd be all messed up trying to draw my own country.

  7. Ha! I love that you did this! Seriously, what a great exercise. Sadly, I know I wouldn't be able to do it.
    My name is Amy and I wanted to stop by your blog and introduce myself and get to know you a bit as we are hosting the Extravaganza together. You have such a fun blog, and I am so excited to get to know you better! Hope your Thanksgiving was beautiful! Excuse me now while I go re-learn my geography since you so thoroughly put me to shame! :)

  8. I am impressed!! You did good. I definitely don't think I would get all 50



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