Monday, November 25, 2013

Where did the weekend go?!?!

I'm beginning to think coming up on the end of the semester that it's making the weeks drag on and the weekends fly by... or maybe that's just normal....

Friday - I woke up Friday morning to a small layer of ice on my windows.  Fun right?  It was quite cold.

I had an appointment to meet with my professor at noon so I skipped lunch sadly so I was flippin hungry.  Hubby skipped lunch as well so we ate an early dinner.  I found out he and JT were going to set up his deer stand out at my grandma's.  I went and wandered around Walmart.  Whoa, crazy night right?!?!  Then I went home and watched tv with the cat.  Hubby finally got home and off to bed we went.

Saturday - I woke up at 6:30 to go to the bathroom.  The way hubby left blankets I thought he was still in bed with me, but turns out he had gone deer hunting (last weekend) and I was in bed alone.  I slept in until 8:30.  AL went out hunting with hubby and she got her first deer.  Yey!

Then hubby came home and we got into watching a movie we started the night before, Merry In-Laws.  Gotta love Lifetime and Hallmark channels at Christmas time!!  Okay okay so we're only at Thanksgiving but still....

Then hubby and I ran to town and grabbed lunch and went to the store.  From there he conned (haha) me into going hunting with him.  I took my camera but the weather was SOOOOOOOOO cold that my hands stayed in my pocket the whole time.  Sadly we didn't see a darn thing.  Then hubby and I went up and chatted with my grandma before deciding to head home.  Once we got home it was hot shower, dinner and bed.  We were in bed by 9:30.  Dang we're exciting around this place!

Sunday - We were up at 7am.  yuck!  I didn't sleep well at all Saturday/Sunday night.  Just before bed I watched Iron Chef America - Cranberry edition Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis vs Mario Batali and Rachael Ray.  Anyway I had dreams about that ALL. NIGHT. LONG.  Food that is.  Oy!  We decided to get up and start prepping some things for our Thanksgiving Turkey.  My mom called and asked if we wanted to meet them for lunch so we went and had lunch with my parents and went to Sams.  Then we came home and I started writing a paper and hubby went to help Earl and Pokey with their house.  Sunday night dinner consisted of Italian so I made our contribution and we headed to SND.  The end of the night ended with me working on my paper some more.  Yey, such a fun day and weekend.

Even though we really didn't have much planned, I didn't get a lot of relaxing done this weekend I guess because this morning I'm exhausted.  I guess because I didn't sleep well last night either contributes to that.  OY!  Just think though this week is Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!  Yey!

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  1. For that past two weeks my car has been covered in ice every morning :( Winter is here! I feel like fall went by really fast this year. It's been so dang cold lately.
    We usually go to bed pretty early and get up pretty early ha ha.

  2. I feel cold reading your post! I haven't seen that movie, will have to rent it. I love the cheesy cutsie Christmas movies.
    That in an impressive deer!

  3. Some weekends go in a flash and others drag by and seem to last for

    Thankfully I have never had a car covered in snow or ice

  4. I hate those nights of not sleeping well. I've had some strange dreams recently about trying to clean the house because company was coming! and in the way of dreams I could not get it clean lol



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