Monday, January 13, 2014

Deep Thoughts for a Monday Morning

Saturday hubby, Tbug and I were headed to Springfield for an orientation.  As we were driving of course the radio was playing songs {I know, right... lol}.  The Cricket Song by Rich O'Toole came on the radio and everyone in the car decided to start singing along.  The lyrics in the song came on that said, "me and the crickets sang the same damn song..."

Now first off, a few years ago Tbug was singing Zac Brown Band song Toes. We came upon the part of the song that said, "I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand," and we heard her actually sing the word ass.  We both immediately turned around with a did you seriously say that look on our face and asked her what the heck she said.  She was like my mom said I can sing the word as long as it's in a song.  We told her that wasn't allowed and hubby even talked to her mom about that. She said she didn't actually tell her that.  So from then on she has been told she needs to change the words she's not allowed to say.

So back to Saturday while we were all singing The Cricket Song which got me to thinking back to my childhood.  After the song was over I asked hubby if he remembered the song Rodeo by Garth Brooks.  He said yes, with a quizzical look on his face.

We were like in 4th grade maybe when that song came out or at least when it was sang at some music award show like the AMA or the CMA's or whatever.  The night after that song was played on the award show, that was the first song I can remember when a 4-letter word was said, "It's that damned old rodeo."

All the kids at school were discussing how they used a word like that in a song.  There may have been other songs out there but that one had my whole class up in arms.  Now here we are some 20 years later roughly and there are words like that in all kinds of songs.  It's just mainstream media basically.

You really could say that about a lot of different things truthfully, that's just what got my mind to thinking.  I feel bad for all the kids who are growing up in this day in age who are getting exposed to things like that/this at such an early age.  Maybe it doesn't upset a lot of people but it does make me feel sorry for kids these days.

And yes, sadly I cuss.  I'd like to give it up and I do good but then something just really sets me off and I may go off, but I do my best to watch my language when kids are around. So anyway, weird post I'm sure but it was just things that got me to thinking this weekend.

Maybe because I have a little one on the way that I know will be affected by all of this... I'm not really sure and there isn't anything I can do about it, but just thoughts for a Monday morning.

btw, here are all the songs I was referring to just so you know what I'm talking about if you've never heard them :)

Sadly I can't find Garth Brooks actually singing Rodeo but this is the song.

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  1. You are so so right! It was when I had kids that I started listening to country music more than other music as it seems to usually be a lot more clean than main stream music, but even still it is even getting worse.

    The things allowed on TV now, things that are okay in movies, etc it is amazing/scary what is considered okay and normal now. It isn't okay in my book

  2. I'm with Emmy! Not okay in my book either. You'll be a great mom to this little one since you already have such an awareness of the issues parents are facing today with protecting our kids from what the media allows them to see and hear.

  3. At least "in country music we just don't use the f word"! lol but seriously I agree. I don't think kids should be exposed to such foul language by people they end up looking up to.

  4. ya gots you some mommy brain! LOL Its true though , I remember when saying "heck" was a big deal

  5. Great post, mummy brain, yeah we all have had that at some point

  6. Rodeo has been one of my favorite songs for the longest time, I love it! My mom didn't want me singing the cusswords so I just wouldn't sing the word. It's crazy some of the words you hear in songs now days, and how suggestive the music is! I will admit that it doesn't bother me, and I listen to it.. but it is so crazy how much music/media has changed.



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