Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hours by Pictures

So I decided to join up today and do a post similar to last year called my day in pictures.  I tried to get a photo every hour but it didn't always happen because some hours I was in the exact same scenery.

7:30am My morning started off with Starbucks Lemon Pound Cake and a Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks.

8:30 am Went to Extreme Sports Scuba to attend a seminar on proper maintenance and care of our equipment.

9:30am the seminar was still going on.  We got to see Grady take apart a regulator, (1st and 2nd stage) an air tank, etc and some of the tools used to maintain.

10:30am, yeah I happened to eat 3 donuts (doughnuts is proper) throughout the morning. Don't judge, only one was for me, the second was for hubby and the third was for Peanut!

11:30am Still sitting at the dive shop

12:30pm we hit the road for Tulsa to go pick up Tbug at a cheer competition.

2:30ishpm we finally got the chance to eat lunch at PF Changs at Utica Square.

3:30pm we wandered around Utica Square for a few minutes. We went to Williams Sonoma and then we found Pea in the Pod.

4:30 we had to make sure we were at the Tulsa Convention Center to watch Tbug's cheer competition.  She performed at 4:45.

5:30pm just sitting around waiting for results

6:30pm still just wasting time waiting for results

7:30pm results were finally announced and they won 1st which allows them to compete at Nationals.

8:30pm we went to Olive Garden back at Utica Square to eat dinner.

9:30ishpm we finally were on our way home!

And that would be last Saturday in pictures.

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  1. Starting the day off with Starbucks always makes sure the rest of the day goes wonderfully :D Looks like you guys had a busy day! How awesome that Tbug's cheer team took first!! Olive Garden is delicious.

  2. Um, talk about tons of delicious food!!!! I am starving before 8 am just thinking about it!! Thanks for linking up with us :)

  3. That is fun! I might have to link up with that sometime, does she do that every week?



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