Thursday, January 23, 2014

Week 16

How far along? 16 weeks 6 days

Total weight gain/loss: eh?  We'll go by the drs numbers

How big is baby?  The baby is the size of an Avocado.  4.6 inches and 3.5 oz
  • Baby is listening to your voice, thanks to tiny bones forming in its ears.
  • It's growing hair, lashes and eyebrows
  • And baby is forming taste buds
  • Should start to feel baby moving..

Maternity Clothes?  I have them but they aren't a must right now.  When I first got pregnant we got a couple pair of larger sized jeans to get me through for a while and I can still get them on.

Stretch Marks? Um... I'm not really seeing any but I guess I haven't looked for a while.

Best moment this week?  This really should say worst moment this week... :( but I guess finding out that test results came back negative for cystic fibrosis and down syndrome...

Movement?  Right now I would really like to feel movement... or get to hear the heartbeat... They say you should start feeling it around week 16 or so... I haven't yet.

Food Cravings/Aversions?  I haven't eaten a hotdog in I can't remember how long but this week I thought that sounded great.  That or one of those Johnsonville Cheddar Worsts.  Then Tuesday and Wednesday I wanted a Burger King Chicken sandwich like crazy and I can't tell you the last time I actually had one of those either.

What I miss: My clothes fitting.  Actually having a lot of clothes that fit and multiple choices.

What I'm looking forward to:  Getting answers next week.  Sadly we got some sad news this week and I have to go to a specialist. I don't really know what to expect from this specialist but it could either be good news or it could be terrible news. I've been told not to worry but it's extremely hard not to.

Nausea/Vomiting? eh... I'm feeling better than I did in the first trimester.

Labor signs? Let's sure hope not! Way to early!

Gender? Don't know but we will find out in a couple weeks.

Belly Button in or out?  Still in....

Wedding rings on or off?  On.

Sleep?  I hurt most mornings that I have woken up this week :(.  It also sucks when I wake up to my arms being asleep.  This happens multiple times a night.

Weekly Wisdom: So I was told I need to not worry about going to the specialist at this point. Not worrying is easier said than done. I go to the specialist on Wednesday of next week. Once I get results (not sure if it will happen that day or if I'll have to wait) then hopefully I can relax unless it's bad results. I'm soooooo scared right now. This has been a week of emotional roller coaster rides. When I know something more I'll share.

Okay so I should add a funny section.  I did learn that pregnancy brain is a real thing.  I was at school and sitting in the commons area.  About the time I needed to head to class I grabbed all my belongings and walked down the hallway to class.  I was sitting in the classroom and went to grab my chapstick which was in the pocket of my coat (along with the other pocket having my car keys, drivers license, money, credit card, etc) and couldn't find the pocket of my coat.  I turned around and realized my coat wasn't on the back of my chair and I panicked wondering what I did with my coat.  I looked all around and then realized I left it on the chair in the commons area.  I ran out of the classroom and down the hallway and there it was, sitting on the chair I'd been sitting in.  I felt like a retard!

Due Date: Thursday June 26, 2014.  They're still using this as the due date.

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  1. Oh hun, that must be so hard! I won't tell you not to worry bc I know if I was in your shoes I would be too. Just try to find some moments of relaxation. xo

  2. I'm sure that must be a very stressful thing, waiting to see a specialist and not knowing what's coming. Thinking of you, try to keep positive!!

  3. hugs,keeping you and the peanut in my prayers

  4. How is finding out the baby doesn't have downs or CF the worst news? I think i am missing something here.

    I would have freaked out about the coat too, especially with all that stuff in it.

  5. You are SO cute!! I hope everything goes well with the Specialist!

  6. Love these posts!! Hope everything goes well with the specialist! I know we were thrilled when the testing came back and I was crazy worried before but going to a specialist is a whole new level of worry. I'm so sorry you have to go through that and I hope everything goes well!

  7. Deep breath. Everything will be fine. Believe it and you are half way there.

  8. Hope everything is going good and that it is good news from the specialists. It definitely took my longer to feel Lucas moving than the others.. not sure why. I definitely could feel him the most when I usually first got in bed at night, wasn't until I was lying still that I could feel him move.

  9. I am just trying to play catch up after a pretty long, crazy and difficult week that has put blog reading on the back burner (my mom's health situation). I never had the optional genetic testing when pregnant with any of my children because I just didn't want the additional worries and knew that it wouldn't change anything to know. We would always choose to "keep" our baby. Also, I know that those tests can give you so many false positives and just add a lot of unnecessary anxiety. I say that just to say that for now there is nothing you can do but continue to grow your baby so just put it all in God's hands. With our Mattie, there didn't appear to be a genetic condition that would have caused her death (it was just ruled a cord compression accident where her cord got between her head and the cervix prior to delivery and became compressed). However, I had noticed on our 3D ultrasound (not for medical reasons but just for fun) that her ears didn't look "normal." She did prove to have an ear anomaly, and genetic testing was performed after her birth on the cord blood (we chose not to do an autopsy) which showed a random and rare genetic abnormality on one of her chromosomes that could have been a whole range of things from very minor to more serious conditions (including Williams Syndrome). It wasn't a condition that appeared to have been passed on from either of us but just a rare condition that occurs early in cell division. We know that no matter what she would have been loved and was special, and I know you will feel the same. Just breathe, my friend!



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