Wednesday, February 26, 2014

If you came over for Coffee

If you came to my house for coffee I'd have you take your shoes off and make yourself at home. I'd ask if you'd like a cup of coffee, but I gave that up when I got pregnant so you'd have to use milk for your creamer as we don't have any creamer in the house anymore, but I do have sugar. If you didn't want coffee I could offer you sweet tea or water. I even have flavorings for your water.

We could sit at the kitchen table or the bar but the living room would be more comfortable. Our couch, loveseat and chair all recline :). If I knew you were coming over, all seats would be available, if you came over unannounced, well we might have to clear you off a spot to sit but you'd still be welcome to sit anywhere!

We'd probably start off with the norms, how's the weather, how are you, how's life treating you, etc. You know the basics then we'd go from there. And I'm sure we'd blow through lots of topics: books, movies, tv, music, kids, babies, school, whatever, the sky would be the limit.

I'm sure that the cat would come out and greet us at some point. She'll probably meow like crazy even though the gal I got her from said that the cat never meowed. I know better :). If it is later at night you'd see the dogs go to bed and they might come to say good night on their way because you're new in the house.

Our talking would probably go on for hours so after snacks that we scrounged up we'd probably have to eat dinner (or lunch) at some point. I could cook or we could even go to town and grab something. Hubby would even volunteer to drive because he's awesome like that.

So am I for sure this is how our coffee date would go, no, but I'll bet it'd be pretty darn close :). Happy Wednesday. I woke up to snow flurries this morning. brrrr! the temp last night got down to 14 which is cold for us :) Today's high is supposed to be like 32ish, we'll see.

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  1. If I came over for a coffee...could I have a Pepsi instead? LOL
    I am not a coffee drinker!

  2. Awe, this is sweet, and I would love to sit and have a cup of coffee or sweet tea with you! You know, if you miss the taste of coffee during pregnancy, you can have a cup occasionally without feeling guilty although you could also switch to decaf. I am not a coffee snob and only drink it occasionally when I have a taste for it. I switched to decaf tea and coffee at home ages ago and don't really see any difference in taste. Mind you, I do not drink these beverages for the "pick me up" most people do. I could drink any caffeinated beverage right before bedtime and sleep like a baby so they don't really affect me. I decided to cut out as much caffeine as I could for health benefits as I fear caffeine may be the cause of many health problems today, especially for women. Anyway, I just thought you might need that encouragement to indulge occasionally in the beverages that you may be missing while pregnant. You deserve a treat! :-)

  3. I'm coming for coffee sometime! I think we'd have a great visit!! :)

  4. On my way! I'll take my coffe black :)

  5. Totally made me want to come over and visit with you! Sounds perfect, oh I will take some flavored water please. :)

  6. Haha I'd be just fine with havin' coffee at your place!

  7. What is it with people talking about coffee this afternoon, I don't drink coffee in fact I can't stand the taste of coffee or even the smell of it...........

  8. Sounds like a great coffee date, I'll let you know when I'm in the area :D

  9. sounds like a perfect coffee visit! and you never know one day...



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