Friday, February 28, 2014

Uh Oh! What's She Thinking?!?!

If you were in my brain today you'd see a lot of jumbly goop, which includes but not limited to:

++Something is poking me in the butt but I don't know what. ha! It's probably a tag. I'm not sure I like clothing tags. They tell you the size of what you're wearing and they apparently poke you in the derrière (pronounced dairy air).

++I could soooooo use a nap!

++The weather is turning off nasty this weekend. I'm kind of torn, at least I don't really have anywhere to go I don't think but why does it do it on the weekend when we're supposed to be free and clear of things?

++My feet are really cold. I'm tired of having cold feet. Does this mean my circulation is bad? I swear I almost think I want to invest in a pair of house slippers for school!

++I'm thirsty... where did that water go anyway? Oh dang it, I drank it all... I know I have another one!

++Don't worry, found the water! Whew!

++There is a quote in the library that says
"Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed."
I don't know who said the quote, I can't see that part... but interesting quote, right? I dunno... seems a bit weird to have in the library to me. Especially in huge letters plastered on the wall.

++I ate cold pizza for lunch... am I growing up because YUCK! I used to LOVE cold pizza. Now I think it's disgusting. Is that Peanuts fault?

++I had an awful, horrible, terrible, no good, very bad test today. It was awful! There were supposed to be 3 parts but the teacher only made us do 2 because no one could get done with the first 2 to even attempt the 3rd. I finished the 2nd right as the hour and 15 minute class was up. Yuck! It was awful.

++I just shoved my chair back and about fell on my butt. That would have been fun, right?

++So my SIL put up on facebook the other day to put the name of songs you were listening to and end with "in my pants." Made for a fun and interesting game.... It reminds me of saying "in bed" after you read your fortune cookies.

++Have I mentioned I'm really tired? My class starts in 20 minutes and lasts for an hour and 15 minutes. I sure hope I don't fall asleep in class. No guarantees but I haven't fallen asleep in a class since high school when it was some govt class and I sat behind a really tall basketball player and we watched CNN for 15 minutes every day. You couldn't see me anyway through the bball player. Where is he today when I need a nap?!?!

++I guess I should stop while I'm ahead and pack up my stuff and go to class. I'd like to go to sleep though!

**Disclaimer: All written Thursday afternoon**

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  1. Sounds like writing that post was at least helping you stay awake. I remember those days of long boring classes...try taking them at night! ;-) Oh and thanks for showing me how to properly spell derrière...there's a life lesson I don't know how I have lived without. Hehe! I have never loved cold pizza, but if you used to like it, then it is probably peanut's fault if you don't now. :-) Oh and that quote is probably some deep piece of thought from some great thinker who wrote some important work of literature (hence why it is in the library), but who knows. It could just be to give you something to ponder when you are bored in the library. Hehe!

  2. Sounds like a not so fun day at school. Hope you made it thru that last class.

  3. Cold pizza is the best lol!!! I hope its just a temporary thing that you don't like it :)



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