Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Anything Like Me

So I was driving to school this morning and this song popped on the radio. Heck I was so ready to break down and cry. In fact, I sent this song to hubby and the subject of the email was cry with me, won't you.

On more than one occasion I've wondered what Peanut is going to be like. How can you not wonder? I keep cracking people up because right now I'm so totally focused on what color her eyes are going to be. My mom's are blue, my dad's are brown and I came out with brown (or as hubby calls them breen). Hubby's eyes are a gorgeous blue, mine are (as he calls them) breen, so what could she have? Yeah I wonder hair color too but not nearly like the eyes. I'm crazy I guess.

But then here lately I've been so focused on stories and events that happened to me as a child/teenager/etc. There are definitely experiences I want her to have... like
  • Learning to drive in my dad's old 86 Ford 3/4.
  • Flying through a field at 6 years old in a 1989 Chevy S10 slamming on the breaks sending the dogs flying forward and backwards yelling, but they like it!
  • Riding the homemade swing on the horse walker helping to keep the horses moving.
  • Jumping out of the bed of my dad's S10 to grab his ballcap he lost messing with cows even though told to stay in the bed of the truck so the cows didn't get you. Hey I was afraid it would blow into the stock tank.
  • Having the best parents in the world who would do what they could to make sure you had everything you wanted.
  • But taught you to value the dollar, nothing comes for free
  • Showing horses
  • Getting sunburned from riding horses all day (although the sunburned part can be avoided)
  • Helping build a barn
  • Helping finish a house
  • Showing sheep and being known as the lady with the crazy sheep, sure why not!
 Obviously things I would avoid would be
  • Falling out of a swing in 2nd grade and getting a cast.
  • I really would prefer she get her daddy's vision (mine sucks)
  • Getting shoved headfirst into a desk so a boy could beat you to the water fountain, stitches suck
  • Ever being in a wreck, no matter how minor it is.
Oh I could go on and on with lists... but still almost every night or at least quite a few times per week hubby has to calm me down because I'm afraid she'll hate us. Not in a I don't like you because you won't let me have my way kind of dislike, every kid has those moments, but an I hate you because you ruined my life and I want absolutely nothing to do with you.

I guess I should really quit before I just totally freak myself out right now. I blame some of this on being pregnant. It really does affect you with all the hormones you have running through your system, YIKES!

On a different note little girl got a cute Halloween outfit yesterday, it was on sale, 60% off. Heck if I waited until Halloween it'd be full price, hello savings!

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  1. There is nothing like those crazy hormonal thoughts and worries. It will all be fine Momma, we all experience hormone freak outs!

  2. My hubby's eyes are brown, my eyes are hazel.
    All our boys have some hue of blue eyes...
    Many babies have blue eyes when they are born. They can change as they reach about... two weeks of age, I think?

    Good luck! :-)

  3. she will be herself, a little of you , a little of him, and a lot of who she is meant to be, a wonderful miracle and gift from above.
    See how I was no help at all!

  4. This is so sweet!! That song makes me cry almost every time I hear it!

  5. Pregnancy hormones are crazy! I remember doing this same thing when I was pregnant with Carson :)

  6. Girlfriend, you are going to be an amazing mom, so QUIT worrying. There is not a doubt in my mind that y'all will be amazing parents!

  7. Don't worry she won't hate you like that until she is a teenager ;) Seriously though, she will love you I have no doubt and though it will be hard at times it will be so incredibly awesome and wonderful at other times that it makes it all worth it.

  8. I think we all do that Nicole - We want the absolute best for our kids. We want to see them strive for more BE more than we ever were. Which I can tell you leads you as a parent to have GREAT EXPECTATIONS which can often NOT be a great thing for us or the kids.



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