Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Five - Pregnancy Brain, School, Lunch/Food

Wow, 2 weeks in a row I remembered. Some days, especially here lately that is a feat, remembering something. I'll tell you, it's extremely hard to take difficult tests when you can't remember things... like the names of authors and the works of theirs you read. Anyway without further ado, I bring you the Friday Five hosted by EmmyMom

1. I took 2 tests this week for British Literature. Yes you read that correctly, 2. One was written and one was oral. The answer to my first question was Nightingale and Skylark, birds in case you couldn't guess. I screwed it up sadly... I got Nightingale but couldn't remember Skylark :(.

2. You have no idea how truthful this whole pregnancy brain really is... Yeah so Thursday I got home and got in the truck. I'd have sworn I grabbed my drivers license to take with me and I headed to my parents house. On my way home I couldn't find my drivers license but didn't remember taking it into their house. So I went ahead and drove home trying to find it. Once I got home, I checked the truck, my car, the house, the fireplace, the trash, the chair I sat in before I left, the love seat... EVERYWHERE and couldn't find my drivers license. I called hubby just about in tears because I couldn't find it. I walked back out to the truck, I'd been sitting on it the whole time... dun dun dun.

3. Normally I try to eat lunch with my mom and/or dad on Friday's but this week, we met for lunch on Monday, after my first horrific test. It's a lot of fun to meet my parents for lunch :).

4. Over the weekend we were discussing redoing the baby's room. Somehow, I wasn't involved in this conversation, somehow we came up with the solution that Tbug is going to move her room to the spare room and the Peanut is going to take over Tbug's room. This makes me nervous as I don't want Tbug to feel left out, but I was told that it was her idea. Like I said, I wasn't involved in this conversation, I was standing in the kitchen.

5. The cat has been mad at me all week. I apparently keep upsetting her. Maybe next week will be better??

A flower in my Honey Nut Cheerio's

Yum! A Cherry Coke Icee

Lunch - a Double Cheeseburger from Freddy's Frozen Custard

My fingers have been swollen on and off this week. I never take my wedding ring off.

We hit 70's this week a couple times!! They're claiming 40's on Saturday with possibility of snow. ha!

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  1. I got into the habit of writing anything important down when I was pregnant, cause I forgot everything.

  2. Pregnancy brain is the worst. I had to write everything down. I also don't miss tests. I may have had a breakdown if I'd had to combine the 2!

  3. Sorry about the tests :( Glad you got a fun lunch to make it better. Just wait after pregnancy than you get mom brain ;) If I don't write it down, I probably won't remember. I never remember the names of books or authors either.... then again I am horrible with anyone's name.
    Hey, do you want to guarantee a third week, do you want to be my co-host for next week? :)

  4. Swollen fingers are the worst. I had major high blood pressure the first two pregnancies and the swelling actually got worse after delivery - my fingers and toes looked like freaking nasty sausages - YUCK. Soon as all the swelling went down I felt like I just might make it lol

  5. When I was pregnant I had to write everything down or I would totally forget about it. I was always misplacing things! I still am.
    That was sweet of Tbug to offer up her room!
    That double cheeseburger looks absolutely delicious.
    Hope you had an awesome weekend!

  6. Haha at least I know my ring would still fit me if my fingers swelled. My ring is too big, so it would actually fit. Sorry about the pregnancy brain!



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