Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Five - Research papers, food, and other blah blah blah

So I've been telling Emmy now for a couple weeks, I'm going to do this. And before it was a link up, I'm going to steal this from you. The thing is, I keep forgetting, until today, so today I'd like to present you with..... dun dun dun.... My Friday Five :).

1. Monday we got a snow day. If you know anything about the school I go to or you follow my blog, you'll know that we hardly ever get snow days, even when all other universities and colleges are closed down due to bad weather. Now in grade school that meant you got out earlier, but not so much in college...

2. I totally found my craving this week. It was for Orange Soda. Now I know I've addressed this not once but twice already, but still. I also ate Sweettarts. I love Sweettarts. Have I ever told you that? I'm not much of a chocolate person, but give me sweettarts as in this week and I'll eat the whole package. I also like the Chewy ones. Just sayin.

3. My dad had to travel to Indiana for work. One of the guys up there, Greg (who named my colt last year) started picking on me this year about driving a mini van. Grrrr he's now on my list.

4. We cleaned out Peanut's room to start trying to get things closer to being arranged (still a whole long ways) in there. Since then we've kept the cat out of there. She doesn't like it at all. Now she's been going in to Tbug's room and dragging stuffed animals into our room in the middle of the night and then sleeping where she moves the stuffed animals. Weird cat!

5. I made Tiramisu Brownies this week. I'll have to share the recipe because dang, they're good. That's all :).

See the cat??

Doing research for my 8 page research paper.

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  1. Yea! You finally joined in ;) Your pictures made me hungry! My kids love love tortellni, it is always the food they request on their birthdays. I always said I would not be a mini van person but for the 5 or 6 years we had one I loved it, we no longer have one and I do sometimes miss the sliding doors in parking lots.
    Your cat is funny.
    Thank you for linking up!!

  2. What you drive a mini van now? Did you get rid of your car? I do want the brownie recipe though.

  3. Hey now! Nothing wrong with a mini-van. It may have taken a bit to get used to, but I've been driving one now for 12 years. Lots of room for all the groceries, easy access for getting the kids in and out of their car seats - love the sliding automatic doors. You'll be fine and as my Hubby said when we got one - Welcome to parenthood lol

  4. I think my favorite candy is gummy lifesavers, but sweettarts are good too!
    How come you are driving a minivan?
    That's so funny about the cat!

  5. I saw the cat....awesome!

    I just started linking, fact, I co-hosted with Emmy. I'd always wanted to join in and finally did!

    Nice to meet you. :)



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