Monday, March 10, 2014

Interesting Story

I swear, sometimes only interesting stories happen to me, my family, at our house, etc. I hope we aren't the only people who this happens to, but sometimes you can't help but just laugh.

So let me pain the picture...

So four weeks ago Princess Rio was acting a little bit funny. We kind of thought maybe she was coming in heat but we weren't really sure. Hubby and I got up that morning and headed to the dive shop because there was a photography class going on. When we left all three dogs were at our house. When we got home around 6pm we couldn't find Princess Rio.

Every once in a while they dogs will go bed down at night, especially when it is cold which it was that weekend and we can't get them to budge so we didn't think to much about it. Like I said, they go bed down in the hay in the barn and can't hear us hollering for them.

So the next morning we woke up and still couldn't find Rio. I knew my dad had been out to the house the day before so I called my mom and asked what time dad was there. She checked with him and told me 10am. So somewhere between 10am and 6pm Rio disappeared.

The sad truth is, this isn't the first dog that has been taken from our house. We had Bear and Josie taken from us. Now it looked like Rio had been taken. Every night we hollered for her for a week. We drove around the area looking for her. We did what we could but never came up with her.

So jump forward to yesterday. Tbug and I were in the house (don't know why) and when we walked back out, there was a car I didn't recognize in the driveway. Hubby and Robert were out working on Roberts new truck so we thought maybe it was someone there for Robert. When I walked around the corner hubby looked at me and said these people may know where Rio was. So they filled Tbug and me in on the story. They lived a road over from us and they had this big white dog (met Rio's description) show up on their doorstep about 4 weeks ago.

NO WAY! So I ran in the house and grabbed the truck keys and Tbug and I followed these people to their house. Like I said, they were a road over, less than a mile away. So we got out and this big white Great Pyrenees came around the corner. Tbug and I both got really excited and yelled Rio and this dog came over to us and loved up on us. So with the help of the guy we loaded the dog up in the bed of the truck.

Here's where I should have noticed something because the lady said, "He is a male right?" I was like, no she's a female but again didn't think much of it. The dog was a little hairy than Rio and a little bigger but for all I knew they fed her really well.

So we pull back in the driveway and hubby comes out to see Rio. He questioned me about the size and I said I dunno... Finally the dog got out of the bed of the truck, walked over to a tractor tire in our front yard and hiked it's leg. Wait, what? This really is a male dog... um... ours is female!

I guess Tbug and I were so excited at the prospect of getting one of our lost dogs back that we thought this was Rio. I can't really explain. So I asked hubby what we should do, should I take him back to those people and say, um... this isn't my dog? It's a male not a female? I didn't know what to do.

So before I had much of a chance to make up my mind, the dog ran down the driveway and out the road and disappeared. He did go the opposite direction of where I brought him from but he was high tailing it out of there.

I was in total shock. Then about 10 minutes later he trucked back down the driveway and wondered around our house again, only to disappear again for hours. When I put our girlfriends in the house last night, he was back.

All I can say is I'm totally baffled. Luckily he is a super NICE dog. The people who were housing him for 3-4 weeks (however long) had seven children and he was super great with them so at least he's great with children since I have Tbug every other weekend around our house, one on the way and lots of friends with kids. I guess we'll see if he stays...?

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  1. Chris thought it was hilarious! Is he still there?

  2. Talk about a mix-up, I hope y'all get Rio back!!

  3. That is pretty funny! He is cute :) I hope you are able to get Rio back!

  4. Wow, that's crazy! Maybe his owners have your dog and don't realize it...

  5. Lol okay that is pretty dang funny. So did you ever find your Rio??

  6. LOL Crazy story. So did you guys end up keeping him? and are you calling him Rio?



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