Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mother Nature

Oh goodness... Don't over or under estimate Mother Nature. Our country has been hit hard this year if you listen to the news and places that don't see certain types of weather have seen it this year, but I truly wonder how different it is than other years. I mean in 2011 we got 18 inches of snow which is unreal for us, but it happened.

So I dunno. I think I want to be a meteorologist... wrong 90% of the time and still go to a job the next day.

We found out that starting Saturday evening at 6pm through Monday morning at 6am we were under some kind of winter weather advisory. I can't keep them straight.

My MIL's water needed fixing (dunno what was wrong with it) so my FIL met hubby and me at my MIL's house and they worked on her well. (yes we live in the country and we all work off wells :))

I kept claiming this was the calm before the storm. Thursday night you could just feel the weather changing while we were standing outside working on her well.

Friday they said we would get some rain/sleet mix. As I was driving to lunch to meet my parents the rain started. I guess they were more in the sleet but I was more in the rain. See rain/sleet mix.

But come Sunday morning... we finally got the weather. Church never closes and they cancelled. It was crazy. We went to some friends house for lunch and this was the lovely weather.

When we came home this is what our road looked like. I'm fairly certain no one had driven down it in hours.

They actually cancelled school on Monday. So Tuesday headed to class, this was what the roads around the campus looked like. Seriously? It was a sheet of ice... sure why not make inexperienced college students drive in this crap :). It's funny because all the universities around close down except the one I go to.

So happy first week of March, right? That's okay, last year in May we got snow so whatever :).

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  1. March came in like a lion for sure! It snowed here this weekend too (of course, not unusual for us though lol!) - but they were calling for 4-4 cm, I think we got more like 10-15 - wayyy more than we expected!

    This winter's been a doozie. I like winter, but I'm so done with this one!!

  2. I'm sick of winter too! Here in southern Wisconsin we still have snow banks that are up to the hood on my truck and taller in spots. Just got another 5" last night. Someone sure pissed mother nature off this year!

  3. Ugh, If I never see snow again it will be too soon!

  4. Yikes, that's a bit of snow! Hopefully you drove safe :D Weird that your school was the only one that was open that day!

  5. I'm so over snow already. We got slammed this week too. My kids have been out of school all week again!

  6. I always hated when all of the schools closed except my own. I don't think I ever had a snow day in college though now that I thinking of it, we had plenty of snow (I went to BYU in Utah) but school never got cancelled.

  7. We are springing ahead tonight so surely that means SPRING is not far behind - right? oh please spring be coming soon.

  8. Our Sunday looked like that but our Monday everything had cleared up and I had to go to class :(



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