Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Saturday Post {38}

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4. Lunch on a lazy Saturday

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Lunch on a lazy Saturday
10 Things to Smile About February
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Week 21
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Blast from the Past
2013 - Missouri weather changes in a New York Minute
2012 - My writing style
2011 - DIY How-to: Walls
2010 - Project - Excitement

Recipes made from the Blog This Week
A Complete Meal

Instagram Lately

Week's Happenings
++A Weekend of absolutely NOTHING!
++I got an extra day off this week since my professor was sick... I could use a few more...
++Bad weather has been predicted.
++I took an awful midterm.
++Still don't know what grade I got on that midterm.
++Moo was in the hospital, so we went to visit her.
++She's better and out now!
++We had to help fix my MIL's water.

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