Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Saturday Post {40}

Top 5 Posts of the Week
1. The Saturday Post {37}

2. Anything Like Me

3. The Saturday Post {39}

4. Interesting Story

5. Week 23

This Weeks Posts
Interesting Story
Anything Like Me
Tiramisu Brownies
Week 23
Friday Five - Pregnancy Brain, School, Lunch/Food

Blast from the Past
2013 - Newest addition - It's little Pi Pi! :) (yesterday was her birthday!!)
2012 - He's a Mac, I'm a PC {photo storage} - No longer can I say that since he switched me to a Mac....
2011 - Chicken Pesto - Holy Yum, just sayin!
2010 - Project - Feet

Recipes made from the Blog This Week
Tiramisu Brownies

Sausage Tatortot Breakfast Casserole

Instagram Lately
This week revolved around food.... a lot :)

Week's Happenings
++I took a horrendous test. Like it was awful!
++We went to a new Little kid boutique and got Peanut a Halloween outfit and a KC Chiefs Headband
++I think we decided that Tbug is going to take the spare room and Peanut will get Tbug's room, still not sure how that all went down...
++Cleaned out Tbug's closet of clothes that she no longer wears. WoW! We found lots of hangers too.
++Drs. appointment
++This is the last week before Spring Break. I'm soooo ready.
++I spent most of last weekend writing my 8pg Faulkner report.
++We finally hit weather in the 70's Monday and Tuesday followed by a high of 40 on Wednesday, go figure.
++We thought we got Rio back, big mistake. That male dog even left.
++I haven't felt very good this week. Ugh!

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  1. Ok, now I need some pie - maybe multiple pieces.

  2. Adorable pictures, and you're looking great!
    What else is looking great are those following picturs. O.O


  3. Hi! I'm stumbled upon you on Bloggers Coast to Coast. I used to live in Joplin until the tornado but now I live very close! It's so nice to find another blogger in the area. You can check me out at



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