Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Uh Oh... What's she thinking?!?! Edition II

Oh no.... we're back for round 2 of Uh Oh! What's she thinking?!?! I'm telling you guys, this is a scary place to be, especially with a pregnant girl, right? <crickets>. Hmmmm are you trying not to offend me or is no one actually there... lol :).

++I really like Cheez-its in the Cheddar Jack flavor but I can't seem to find them at the store in a box. So far the only place I can find them is in a Duo box with another flavor (forget which one) or else in the individual packages but they're boxed with regular and the White cheddar. The individual packages work great for taking to school with me, but what about when I'm at home wanting them?

++I might have actually found my first craving... Orange Soda. Okay so confess Sesh... I say pop unless it's dealing with Orange and then it's soda. I can't explain it, but that's how it goes sometimes.

++I can tell you that my water tastes nothing like Orange Soda.

++So this week we're starting Absalom, Absalom in Faulkner. I have absolutely NO idea what it's about. I have to get crackilackin though and read it because I have Reading Thinking Journal questions due on Thursday! Yikes! Actually the questions are due tomorrow for Thursday. I can't even tell you what the back of the book says the book is about because there's a HUGE green sticker that says Buy Used & Save.

++So I'm sitting here in the library dancing to the song playing through my earphones. Wonder if anyone noticed??!!

++I'm so ready for Spring and I'm sooooo ready for Spring Break! I swear this winter seems to have drug on this year. But I'm not now nor have I ever been a huge fan of winter. The only part of winter I like is the snow replenishes the soil with nitrogen which helps in farming. Just saying.

++So we have baby foals (horses) that should be popping any day now. Well I'm still about a week out from really being able to say that but still.

++Today is March 4th. Did you know that means that it is my 6 month anniversary to my wedding anniversary? like you know, the halfway mark.

++Why is it the song you want to hear won't come on and play when you want to listen to it, but a song you can't stand happens to be playing within 5 minutes of turning on the radio or CMT? I guess I'll settle for James Morrison You Make it Real and hope the song I want is in the line up soon?!?!

++Have I told you I'm SOOOOOO over this cold. Oh and I have one small spot of poison ivy. They say you can't transfer it person to person but I disagree. I didn't even know I was allergic to poison ivy until like last year or the year before when I had it something horrible! Although not like hubby or Tbug get it. Wonder if Peanut will be allergic.

++It's almost lunch time so I think I'll go find my Orange Soda now! Thanks for playing along!! :)

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  1. I hope you are able to get some orange soda! Cravings are the worst, ironic that I used to crave Cheez-Its like they were going out of style ha ha. Now that you mentioned it I could really go for some but I'm trying to eat healthy. Ugh.
    Hope you kick that cold soon! & How did you get into poison ivy?
    So jealous that your mares are about to have some foals.. I so wish we lived closer!!

  2. The only Orange soda I like is Fanta, although since it is not sugar free I shouldn't drink it very much I have tried sugar free orange soda but I don't like it.

  3. Where in the world did you get poison ivy in March? Isn't it was dormant in during these months and only active during the growing season? Don't know much about it myself other than I've had two mild cases of it - that shit hurts.
    Been sick myself for the last two freaking weeks too - grumble grumble.



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