Wednesday, April 30, 2014

10 Things to Smile About - April

Did you know that it is the last Tuesday of the month? Oh wait, no that was yesterday... lol. So yeah yesterday was the last Tuesday of April. Where the heck did the month go?!?! So as we've seen in previous months, the last Tuesday of the month, Emmy Mom does a 10 things to Smile About for the month and yeah, I just totally missed that yesterday. I'm not sure some days here lately if I'm coming or going and when I'm home I can't always tell you how I got here so bare with me as I play catch up :)

So in no particular order.....

1. The babies (ie horses, not mine) made it here safe and sound!!

2. We've made it through Week 26, 27, 28 & 29

3. I passed the 3 hour glucose test after I failed the 1 hour test.

4. My hubby got praise on the blog twice this month! (I Love This Man & Where Would You Be if You Weren't With Me?)

5. Hubby and I went to Memphis (BB King's Blues Club & Gus's World Famous Chicken & Homewood Suites - Hilton Properties)

6. Tbug and I had quite the cake disaster together.

7. Easter

8. So I freaked a lot of people out because I changed my Blog Name. I am now a .com :) I hope you all stay with me!!!

9. We took KG to a Chiropractor to try and help the old man.

10. We got to go to Faulkner's House in Oxford, MS

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  1. That baby horse is so cute! So happy you passed the longer test! You are getting so close, so excited for you to have your baby, just not yet ;)

    Glad you are going on little trips. Congrats on the .com :)

    Thanks so much for linking up and don't worry one bit about being a day late- I keep that linky open for a while as some like to wait until the month is totally over.

  2. Sounds like it has been a really good month for you! I am so envious of the baby horses. Can you guys move closer ;D

  3. You have so much to smile about these days! Eeek it's almost May...which means you're that much closer to Baby Girl TIME!!! :) SO exciting!!!

    PS - Where DID April go?! Some months drag...this was not one of them.

  4. so how did you all know that KG needed a chiropractor? What were the symptoms ect?



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