Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Babies Are Here and Life Currently

Not mine, she's still cookin! :)

Nope, we have 2 colts on the ground. One was born last Wednesday and the other was born Saturday. The one out of Sis is a Colt and the one out of Freckles is a filly. Colt = male, filly = female :)

Since Greg named last years baby Colonel, he decided he was going to name this one Ronald (as in Ronald McDonald since Colonel Sanders...). Dad's been calling him Ronnie.

I'm not sure what we're calling the filly yet. No one has informed me... lol since usually I don't get to name them :)

We were there Saturday morning to check out the newest addition and then it was time for dad to go to the feed store. The dogs LOVE going to the feed store. I'm fairly certain that Mudflap counts days in his head between truck rides so he knows when his next one is, no joke!

Saturday afternoon we had to go pick up a load of Alfalfa hay. When we got home I am not allowed to help (which is a weird feeling!) and so I sat down on the ground to take pictures and got bombarded by dogs. Then Tulsa decided Mudflap needed a kiss I guess... lol.

Perfect timing but I really claim she's sticking her tongue out at me. Next thing I knew she was totally in my face :). I just love these dogs!

That right there is usually my job, feed to the hay elevator or feed to the person feeding the hay elevator....

I do my best to stay out of the loft, especially in the summer because there is NO AIR FLOW and it's hot. Saturday it was like 60's so it was perfect weather for this!

And that was all she wrote!

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  1. The babies are adorable! I am so envious :D I wish we had some babies where my horse is at. They are so sweet!

  2. Cute babies, I wont have any this year so post many pics please! Glad you are not doing the lifting, you have more important work at present ,growing that precious peanut

  3. Loved all these pictures so much!! Seriously perfect and so capture the moments

  4. Is that your original dog that ran away? or the new one? They are all presh!

  5. Love the new babies! They are absolutely lovely. I wanna come brush them lol And yeah I see - you guys bought the hay, instead of cutting it now. duh. Would be amazing to actually see fields around here that weren't snow covered.



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