Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Five brought to you by Instagram

1. We put hay up in the loft this last weekend. I use we collectively because all I did was kick a bale out of the way and I got yelled at :)

2. We had severe weather pass through the area Thursday. I was right behind the storm all the way home from school. I actually watched it pass through the sky which was quite scary, but very interesting at the same time. It was crazy that it was 80 degrees earlier in the day. That night it bottomed out in the 30's and today was high in the 50's.

3. I thought it would be fun to do a Throw Back Thursday this week. This photo was from 2009 just after I bought my first dSLR. Absolutely LOVED that camera! Although I absolutely love the one I have. I kinda like dSLR's!!

4. So I went and took the glucose test this week. I failed it by 3 points. Not real sure what that means... So I had to take the long test which took 3 hours. Yuck! Luckily my morning class was cancelled so I could participate in this this week, otherwise I'd have had to skip a class. oy! So anyway I passed the 3 hour test luckily! This girl doesn't have gestational diabetes!!

5. Luckily my veins are easy to draw blood from! My arm looks horrible, but at least they don't have to dig for my veins. It was straight in. The first poke I didn't feel. Poke 2 I knew happened but that was it. Poke 3 was kind of like a bee sting and Poke 4 was like a wasp sting. The gal offered to switch arms but by Poke 2 it was starting to look bruised so I figured I'd rather one arm look horrid than 2 arms. And I need to mention that the gal was good!

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  1. That weather sounds crazy! It's so weird how fast it can change. I remember when we went to South Dakota we were trying to outrun a storm. It was pretty scary!
    I'm definitely digging that red Ford! Nice truck!
    Oh I hated the glucose test. I could hardly keep that nasty drink down. They told me orange was the best flavor, ugh. I'm glad you don't have gestational diabetes!
    Hope you have an amazing weekend!

  2. Good you don't have gestational diabetes my sister had that and she ended up with diabetes shortly after giving birth.

  3. It's so great you don't have gestational diabetes! Obviously it's better for both of you health- wise, but I would be most worried about how big babies can get when mommy has it. My friend's husband came out of his momma a 14 POUND baby!! I mean, he looks normal, but that would not fit through your hoohoo.

  4. What? Did you mean you guys have actually cut hay and put it up? or bought hay from someone and put it up? Love your 80* weather. oh man I want some of that too. YAY no gestational diabetes!!

  5. That is a huge swing in weather! I did love watching storms come in growing up. Oh your poor arm, not fun. Thanks for linking up and sorry I am so slow commenting!



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