Tuesday, June 24, 2014

10 Things to Smile About June

So you know that I've been claiming I've lost my mind, right? Well I swear I have! So anyway I point this out because guess what.... I remembered that today is the last Tuesday of June (wait, where did June go!?!?) and that means that it's time to link up with EmmyMom for her 10 Things to Smile About {Insert Month Here}

1. Wow, by this time next week, I could quite possibly have a baby.... Here are the weekly photos, although remember I got off a week somehow... Today we're actually 2 days from my due date. (Week 35, Week 36, Week 37) (oh and we'll have 38 which is actually 39 before the month is over but not today...)

2. We celebrated all the wonderful Father's in our lives this month!
And my FIL who I can't seem to find a picture of right now...

3. Tbug showed her first Cutting Horse at NCHA Day.

4. Tbug finished up her Scuba Diving Certification

5. Hubby and I worked on another round of Maternity Photos...

6. I tried to break down the things that no one warned me about when it came to this pregnancy... or if they did, maybe I didn't listen... or I can't remember. I'm going with C... because I've lost my mind I swear :)

7. We made this which is soooooo much better than even this picture does it justice!

8. Summer school will be over this week. I'm kind of excited about that. cramming 16 weeks into 4 hasn't been the most fun, especially since this pregnancy makes me exhausted all the time. I love naps... should that be it's own number?

9. I like Cheeseburgers... I've mentioned this a time or two! Although I might have worn myself out on them... lol :). (I promise there is cheese on this burger, it's between the 2 patties)

10. Saving the best for last... we're looking at Baby girl being here either Friday of this week or Monday of next which is still this month. We shall see right? Now excuse me while I go lay in the fetal position because I'm scared out of my mind!

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  1. Oh I am so so excited for you! totally okay to be nervous and a little scared as obviously this is something totally new, but you will be great and amazing, I have no doubt! I am so exited to hear all about the birth and just everything!

    Awesome job doing school while being pregnant, I was always so tired while pregnant so I do not think IC could have done it.
    Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. I too am sooooo excited to pop in here someday (hopefully soon!) and hear all about your baby girl's arrival!! You're looking fantastic and you're going to be awesome :) Imagine all the things you'll have to smile about in July...!!!

  3. You have definitely had an exciting month but the most excitement is still to come :)

  4. a wonderful month! cant believe the time has flown by so fast



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