Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rough Night!

Wow, last night was a rough night. Baby girl decided around 2isham that she needed to be fed. No problem, I stumbled out of bed, went and changed her, placed her back in bed with daddy for a few minutes while I made her a bottle and then fed her. Yeah, I should mention here she wouldn't quit screaming. Hmm... I fed her, changed her, went to burp her (maybe that was the problem) and she threw up on me, my shirt and in my hair. Yey... 2am shower... score! I left her with daddy and went and took a shower.

When I came back in, baby girl was still screaming. Hubby asked if I fed her. I told him yes so I took her out to the living room, made her a second bottle, fed her and got her to sleep on my chest. So I took her back into her pack'n'play (at the foot of our bed) and laid her down. I no more than laid down and she started screaming again. Hubby asked if I should feed her some more. I said I already had so I picked her up and took her into the living room and sat in the recliner with her until hubby got up and left for work this morning.

Then she and I moved back to the bedroom and I finally got her to sleep. Which meant at 8am I got to sleep as well. Woohooo!

So in the Story part 5 I forgot to mention the other day the part of the evening when Nurse Nazi kicked people out... well when Earl and her mom got to come in with us, I was tired of laying in bed so Earl said, lets go walk the halls. It'll do you some good. I walked out to the nurses desk to ask if they had another gown or something I could cover up my behind with and if we could go walk the halls. When I asked if we could go for a walk, the nurses were like, where do you plan on doing that? I was like walk the halls like when I was in labor.... Then the very next question Nurse Nazi asked me was, Did you leave the baby in the room by herself? I had to laugh because I'm thinking, you were just in there, you kicked people out. I answered though, No her daddy is in there, I've just been in that bed for 2 days and I really hurt. They finally allowed me to go walk the halls but dang! I can't help but wonder if I look dumb... why do I keep getting these weird questions?

Okay so I have screaming baby girl quieted and snoozing right now in her swing. Yey! I think I'll go snooze now too? No, I won't leave the baby in the swing while I snooze if anyone was wondering :).

**She's not sleeping here, but you get the picture :)**

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  1. I can't say I miss early morning feedings. Carson was up every two hours for the first few months. I felt like a total zombie for a long time ha ha.

  2. Oh how I remember those days!
    Rest while you can momma!

  3. Somehow you will manage to function with very little sleep. At first it seems like an impossible feat, but you will do it :) Love that swing.

  4. Wow, that nurse really does sound like a nazi. Glad you finally got to walk!



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