Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Story Part 5

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Since the nurse came in and said that we needed to get breakfast ordered by a certain time I woke hubby up and asked him to call in our order. We both looked at the menu. I ordered Biscuits and Gravy with a side of bacon and peaches with orange juice to drink, he ordered a ham omlet with bacon with orange juice to drink. Our hospital is awesome because they make it so the father's (and kids) can order off the same menu and it's one flat price.

Once they brought breakfast and hubby and I ate, the nurse came in to check on baby girl and me and to bring me pain meds and a prenatal vitamin. After that they let us be. Hubby and I started watching Friends and I had baby girl in the bed with me. After my nap with her, hubby took her so I could get up and go to the bathroom and they took a nap together.

At one point that morning a social worker came in to visit with us. Apparently that's the new common standard, everyone has to talk to a social worker, that's what she told us anyway. It seems strange to me because none of my friends have experienced this. Anyway she asked us questions and I upset her... note to self, never tell a social worker the carseat is in the trunk. I must clarify that we packed everything for the hospital 2 weeks prior to needing it, just in case so I put it there so I had use of my back seat. She asked if we had a carseat for baby and I said, yes it's in the trunk. She got on to me for that. I clarified for her that the carseat base was in the back seat, but I carried the carseat in the trunk until it was needed. She yelled at me prior to my clarification and told me Babies NEVER ride in the trunk and I should never tell a social worker that. 

Between naps we had visitors come to see us. We had the preacher, Deb, Michelle & Shaye (they brought cupcakes!!),

my mom and Tbug, my MIL, my FIL and so many more I kind of lost track. It was fun because they came between naps so we got to nap on Friday. Around 4pm just before Doug and Rachele got there to see her the nurse came to take her away and do some testing as well as the hospital photos of her.

We had exceptional nurses our whole stay at the hospital. The last night there though (Friday night) we had nurse Nazi as we affectionately referred to her. There was a standing rule that we were only allowed 5 people in the room, including hubby (guests, not Peanut or me in that 5). All during our stay there were a few times we had a few more but people came and left so it wasn't like I was over the limit long. That night though Earl and her mom walked in on 5 people already in the room and nurse Nazi kicked them out. Told them they were not allowed in until 2 people left.

Okay that was the rules but dang, the director of obstetrics never got on to us about that... but okay. Then that night she yelled at hubby for dozing off with baby girl in his arms. If he was going to sleep, she had to be in the bassinet. Again, we'd taken naps with her all day but okay. I was in the shower when that happened. Then later in the night hubby was asking the nurse about feedings and it took forever to get an answer out of her. Oy! Luckily that was the only night we had to deal with nurse Nazi.

So there is no nursery. The babies stay in the room with the parents at all times unless the nurses take the baby out to the nurses station. They offered that night to take her but I figured she'd be okay with us. Then around 2am when she wouldn't quit crying and hubby and I were exhausted, we asked the nurses if they'd be able to watch her for a couple hours so we could get some sleep. They came in and took her so they could give her a bath and kept her until around 5am when they brought her back in the room. They took my vitals and we all went back to sleep.

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  1. Your ordering system makes more sense now. We do not pay for that, just t.v and used to be phone if you want them but now everyone has cells.

  2. LOL Car seat in the trunk. I bet she freaked out. For hospital pics those are pretty good.

  3. Guess who's drooling over those cupcakes?? LOL

    Your baby girl is so sweet. I'm glad you're not putting her in the trunk!! ;)

  4. Oh how glad I am that I keep coming back here

  5. She is just so precious!! Congrats on your perfect little angel!!

  6. She is just so precious!! Congrats on your perfect little angel!!

  7. Did she seriously think you would put your baby in the trunk?! Is she that crazy or the scary part has she experienced parents that crazy. Not all nurses are created equal.



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