Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Count Down

So I was reading Angie's blog here while back and she did this really cool thing so I'm stealing it....

10 Things I Did Today
I ate lunch with my aunt, husband and baby girl.
I went through my kitchen looking for things to get rid of.
Baby girl and I went for a walk tonight.
I went looking for a lens cover that is non-existent.
I continued reading Bringing up Bébé.
I ate an ice cream cone.
I watched America's Got Talent.
I ate dinner.
I fed baby girl.
I took a shower.

9 Things I loved Today
I love my husband.
I love my baby girl.
I love my Tbug.
I love my family.
I love the puppy dogs.
I love that I got to sleep in. (early mornings and late nights are getting me)
I love baby snuggles.
I kind of love the late night snuggles too.
I love the faces that Peanut shared with us today!
8 Things I Didn't Love Today
I didn't love baby girl scratching me. her nails are sharp!
I didn't love reading through facebook and seeing people arguing about Robin Williams death.
I didn't love baby girl screaming in my ear. I think I'm going deaf...
I didn't love running over my toe with the stroller.
I didn't love waking up at 6am being tired.
I didn't love Peanut head butting my teeth.
I didn't love sitting on our hard kitchen floor for so long but it was totally worth it.
I didn't love that my aunt couldn't stay longer. (She was only here for a couple hours. I wish she'd have had more time.)

7 Random Thoughts for the Day
My hip itches.
My house is a mess and it's driving me nuts.
I'm not ready to start back to school next week. I know Peanut will be in good hands but she won't be with me :(.
I wish I had more time to read.
I hate bug bites.
Peanut smells good.
Yes, we call her Peanut around here.

6 People I Talked to Today
My mom
The waitress at lunch.

5 Things I'm Praying About
That hubby and I are making the right decisions.
That I'm not doing something wrong with raising Peanut.
Health for my family.
That Peanut will start sleeping through the night. (yes, that's very self centered, but I'm a tired momma.)
4 Things on Tomorrow's To Do List
Love Hubby. (That's it so he says)
Love Baby. (he'll allow that to happen too)
Price Garage sale stuff.
Go to the doctor.
3 Things I'm Thankful For 
A Fantastic Husband.
A healthy baby girl.
A Roof over my head.
(and a 4th... My awesome family)
2 Things I Ate Today
Cashew Chicken
Bacon Cheeseburger

1 Last Wish for the Night
World Peace :)       

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  1. Cute post.

    I am sure you are doing just fine with raising peanut. She looks pretty healthy to me. It is easy as a new mom to second guess yourself though.

    One thing you always need to remember though is this......those that seem to have it all together and make it look so simple.........really don't, they just make it seem that way.

    Life with children is not easy, but as you know it is definitely fulfilling. Do what you feel is right, and what your husband feels is right and the rest will fall into place!

  2. Great idea, I like that it makes you find the positives in your day. I bet it is going to be hard going back to school without her! but you will get through this. I think you are an awesome little momma and I am sure you and your hubby are going to raise a wonderful daughter

  3. All good stuff. I also remind myself to look for the good, even when there is bad. Sometimes it's hard to do tho.
    Love that last picture of Peanut.

  4. What a bloody great lot of lists, I go through my kitchen cupboards every couple of months and bag up stuff and give it to my sister. I don't like to have showers, I prefer a nice hot bath.



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