Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Why I Don't Push Carts

If you knew me, you'd know I HATE pushing carts with a passion. I have no idea what my deal is against them but... I guess because I don't like to push them, I kind of suck at pushing them. Let me explain...

Saturday hubby and I had plans to go to Kansas City to a Chiefs preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings (which they lost big time... no hard feelings... maybe). We were going up with a group that we dive with and they wanted to go up early to tailgate. We were told to bring chips and condiments so Saturday morning we woke up and went to Walmart to pick out chips and get some water and cherry coke/orange sodas (yeah we party hard!).

We picked up our purchases and went to the cash register to pay and then leave. Well we had baby girls carseat sitting where the babies/kids sit. I got behind the cart to push it out the doors and head to the truck and lets say I misjudged the distance and ran the cart right into the door. If that wasn't embarrassing enough, it jacked it open. Seriously? Hubby hasn't let me live that down since... oy!

So anyway I'll leave you with that thought and these photos from the Chiefs Game. Enjoy!

We got this type and the Ginger Wasabi. I wanted to try the Bacon Mac & Cheese but they were all sold out. I'm not sure about the Cappuccino... have you tried any of them? Thoughts?

Holy cow, can you believe what a year will do? Check this out... baby girl was here a year ago, no one but hubby and I knew though!

We have to protect her ears! She slept through the whole game except when she was hungry.

and one last story... I went to change her at the end of the game for our ride home. I went to go into the family restroom and walked in on a lady. If that was you, I'm sooooo sorry! I was really on my game Saturday!

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  1. The Canadian Lay's contest are the following:
    Bacon Poutine (not that great)
    Jalapeno Mac and Cheese (my fave)
    Cinnamon Bun (sounds gross, I don't like my chips sweet)
    Tzaiki (havent tried but would think it would taste like sour cream and dill or something)

  2. I'm pretty sure you've been told this...but holy smokes, Baby Girl looks like her daddy!

    I was going to list our Canadian flavours, but it looks like Stacy beat me to it! lol Wish we had Mango Salsa, I made my own mango salsa this summer for the first time and loved it, so I'd be interested to try the chips! After my friend Brenda insisted I try them, I got the Cinnamon Bun chips and have to say - out of all of our flavours, they were my favourite. Never thought I'd like 'em in a million years, but they were soooo gooood!!!

  3. I love that one picture of her over the stadium you put in IG. SOOOOO CUTE. I tried the Bacon Mac Lays and they are AWESOME. I want to try Wasabi too. Mango Salsa sounds interesting.

  4. Baby girl in sunglasses....absolutely precious!

  5. Oh what fun! How lucky that you guys got to go to a game! One of these days I'd like to go, but around here its packer mania and very hard to get reasonably priced tickets. The last time I looked into it the cheapest tickets in the nose bleed section was 250 each! So, nope haven't been to one yet. Your girl is darling in her Chief's apparel!!

  6. Also how were those mango salsa chips?



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