Friday, September 19, 2014

About That Time I was Thrown out of a Hotel at 2am

So here while back I told you that we got kicked out of a hotel at 2am... here's that story...

So a few weeks ago we went scuba diving over in Mermet, IL. There isn't a hotel right there, you either have to go to Metropolis, IL or Paducah, KY. We went to Metropolis.

So we got in around 11pm and went to check into the hotel. We'd heard from others in our larger group of the horror stories of this hotel so when we got there we all asked to see our rooms before we actually stayed in them. So then they proceeded to check us all in.

Other than dead bugs on the floor and the floor dirty (my feet were gross walking from the shower to the bed) our room was okay... (Way better than what others in our party dealt with)

At 1:45am we were awoken by pounding on the door. If the lady had pounded any harder it would have busted the door down. Hubby went to answer the door and the lady told us we had checked out. We were just woke up and had no clue what was going on so we told her no we didn't check out. We were told that people in our party had checked us out and we needed to leave NOW.

So we quickly grabbed our stuff and left. Went down the road to the Super 8 where they greeted us with open arms and were extremely accommodating.

Other people in our group even had their doors opened on them. Others in our party had their credit cards charged double. So I definitely would say NEVER stay at that hotel... I contacted their corporate office and was given some standard answer but I can tell you I'll never stay at that hotel or the chain ever again... YIKES!

So that's how we all were able to cross getting thrown out of a hotel at 2am off our Bucket List.


  1. Woah! That's NUTS!!! Worst hotel experience I ever had was a few years ago, when my mom & I went to a friend's wedding. The hotel we stayed at was the same one we stayed at when I was a kid and we attended my cousin's wedding in the same city - unfortunately, the hotel hadn't been updated since then, it was pretty run-down. That, and our room was next door to a group that partied all night, and I was wakened once to the sounds of someone vomiting so loudly that it made ME feel sick. It was horrible. :(

  2. What hotel chain, you can't talk about a bad experience and not say who it is.

    I used to work at super 8, it is illegal to check someone out unless your name is on the registar so that seems extremely strange. I get your party wanted to leave but that is messed up, especially when you paid for the night.

  3. oh my gosh that is awful- what hotel was it? I wouldn't just leave it at the cooperates standard answers, I would pursue it and make sure some sort of compensation happens as that is just completely wrong.



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