Monday, September 15, 2014

Marshiano's Olde Time Pizza - Miller, MO

A year and a half ago Hubby and I ate at this restaurant in Miller, MO called Marshiano's Olde Time Pizza for the first time. (read the first post here) I'm telling you this pizza is awesome and totally worth the drive. If it was in a bigger city they'd have a waiting line to get in, no joke! We asked my parents if they'd like to come meet us for dinner.

We got there before them so we ordered so that when they showed up the food would be ready. We couldn't have timed that any better either. We got 2 orderes of Fried Green Beans, one regular and one spicy (not all that spicy though!). Chicken Alfredo pizza and a Meat Lovers Pizza. Hello YUM!

Hubby even got caught paying before my parents got there so it was all paid for :)
Chicken Alfredo
Meat Lovers


  1. Man that looks delicious! You guys go to the funnest/yummies places.

  2. OK, I'm now super hungry!

    BTW, that Coca Cola "button" handing on the wall (the red round sign with the bottom on it... we have an antique one hanging in Hubby's man cave.



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