Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mommy, the Dogs are Getting Fat

Prior to baby girl being born, I had a tendency to walk the driveway. If I had the dogs on a leash we'd leave the driveway, otherwise we'd stay in the driveway.

After baby girl was born there were a couple times she'd cry and cry and I couldn't figure out what was wrong so I'd take her outside and we'd walk the driveway. She absolutely LOVES walks.

The other night she told me that she thought the dogs were starting to look a little chunky.

I think that was her way of saying we needed to go on a walk.

She absolutely loves the sights....

but her favorite is when Dale's cows are up. Sadly they haven't been in a few weeks. She really likes the cows.

But she was happy that we went on our walk. Like I said, she loves her nightly walks.

Plus we gotta keep the pooches slim and trim! :)

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  1. Nothing like babies to get us back in shape, and our dogs too! I think Monkey gets more walks than ever now that Piglet is here. Especially now that he can say "dog". He'll yell DOOOOOG really loud, which means he wants to take the dog for a walk. So cute!
    Love her little smile on your walk! Wait til she's toddling along with you. Melts your heart!

  2. I always went on walks with Lucas around the neighborhood when he was a baby... my neighborhood just didn't have any cows ;)

  3. Exercise is good...just sometimes hard to make time for. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment - have a great day!
    Darcy @ Success is Reason Enough

  4. That is wonderful! Got to keep those dogs in line. ;-)

  5. We all need to exercise not just us humans but our doggies as well not that I have any doggies any more but if I did they would need exercise

  6. Lol that's great! Got to enjoy the nice weather while it lasts too.



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