Thursday, September 18, 2014

Time in my Life

September 18, 2014


Friday Nights:
Oh geez, not one Friday night is like the other anymore these days!

Hair Style:
Apparently I'm brunette... lol. But I have some natural highlights showing through.

Favorite place to dine out:
I still love Zio's.
Marshiano's Olde Time Pizza

Favorite Outfit:
Sadly, my maternity clothes are all to big... My regular clothes are either too small or they fit but don't look great so I'm lucky these days to find clothes so I'm not running around naked.

Love Life:
My Husband and I love each other more now than we did the day we were married... And that's pretty hard to top... 

Home Life: 
My house is a mess right now. Oy!

TV shows: 
Still love Friends reruns
Grey's Anatomy
How I Met Your Mother
Franklin and Bash
Pioneer Woman
CMT Music Video's (does that count)
Wow I sound like a TV junkie but I'm not

Extra time: 
I'm in Grad school... and have a newborn (although she's about to not be classified as that anymore) who has spare time? But I do love playing with my camera. What can I say I'm a camera junkie and my husband keeps calling me a camera/picture snob. I'm not sure what to think about that...

What excites me: 
When baby girl sleeps through the night
When I get to sleep through the night
Hot showers
Playing with my camera (I'm attempting to complete a Photo 365 project, wish me luck)

A moment I never want to forget:  
What it felt like to feel baby girl kicking me
What it felt like to hold baby girl in my arms for the first time
Tbug getting Scuba Certified
Going to Mermet Springs to dive as a family
The first time baby girl smiled at me and we knew it wasn't gas
Baby girl is on the verge of giggling....
The way my husband looked at me after giving birth to our baby girl


  1. Very fun post! I can't believe how big your girl is getting, love that picture by the way. Make sure you keep documenting everything as it really is amazing how much you do forget as time goes on. I hate that in-between stage with clothes.

  2. Your little girl is a cutie!
    What a lovely post.
    Have a blessed day. ♥

  3. Good times for sure in your life, no doubt about it.

  4. Good times for sure in your life, no doubt about it.

  5. I love any post where I truly get to know my blog pals better. Great answers. I think I will have to do this too! And I love that cute! I had a pair of those shades when Evan was a baby that were red, and they are so cute! :-) I might just have to dredge up an old post with a picture to compare.

  6. the rime of your life for sure! What a great time to be you !



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