Thursday, October 9, 2014

Best or Worst Halloween Memory #TBT | Blogtober '14

So Halloween really hasn't ever been my thing. I grew up in the country, except for the 4 years I was working on my Bachelor's degree, otherwise, trick-or-treating wasn't really a thing. Our town used to have a huge thing for kids to come up and parade around the square and sometimes my parents would take me up there, especially since my mom's work was up there, but otherwise... nope. I dressed up in grade school because that's what we all did. You'll also learn pictures weren't really taken when I was a kid so I was lucky to find this picture from 4th grade...
Hmmmm can you figure out which one is me??

So then in college one year some friends of mine decided that they were going to dress up. I really didn't have clothes other than normal every day clothes so they ransacked my roommates closet and dressed me as a "slut". I always thought that was ironic... her every day clothes and they said I looked like a slut. hmmm.... The shirt, although you can't tell from this picture is one of those that has the 2 crisscross straps in the back holding it together, otherwise it's backless... Oh and randomly we thought it would be fun in the dorm halls to masking tape our bodies all through the halls.

And finally, the last time I dressed up was a few years ago, circa 2009. My PEO chapter got together for an after Halloween party and we were all to dress up. At work I used to get called Secretary Barbie (which actually does exist) and so I thought I'd dress the part as a joke.

So definitely not very exciting memories... non are good or bad. I just really have never had any fun on Halloween I guess... I dunno. I'm ready to change that this year though with da baby!

Helene in Between


  1. I grew up in the country, but had family that lived in town so we generally leave my dad with the family and mom would take my sister and I out door to door. Our town was really small, like 450 people, so literally going door to door was pretty feasible!

  2. I don't think there has been a Halloween that I haven't dressed up, I will probably still be dressing up for Halloween in my 70's :D

  3. that's so fun that' you'll be dressing up this year with the baby! i love the barbie secretary!



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