Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Best/Worst Vacation | Blogtober '14

Not going to lie... this particular prompt really stumped me. Why you might ask... well because I can tell you the BEST vacation but the worst vacation was a bit harder. I went through all vacations trying to decide if I even had a worst vacation... yeah some aren't nearly as good as others but a worst... then I finally came up with this one...

Now I absolutely LOVED this vacation! Why would it be the worst? Well, because... let me explain.
The trip: 1995 - Charleston, South Carolina.

This was the summer I turned 12. I begged and begged my parents to let me go with my grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousin and my grandma's cousin to South Carolina. They usually went every other year and this just happened to be the year. My parents weren't ever able to go and I really wanted to go to the ocean. They finally decided they'd allow me to go. This was the first trip I had ever been on without my parents and I was many states and miles away from my parents for a whole week. Now granted I was with family but not my parents. Home sickness kicked in big time. Cell phones really weren't a thing back then so I had to use the house phone to call my parents. I called home every. single. day. There were nights I went to bed crying because I missed my parents. In the end I'm sooooo glad I went and I had an absolute blast when we kept the home sickness at bay... but... because I was home sick, I would say this was probably my worst trip to date.

Now the Best trip...
That is absolutely EASY!
The absolute best trip would be to Hawaii for our 1 year anniversary in 2011!

Post 1 - Friday night
Post 2 - Saturday
Post 3 - Saturday
Post 4 - Sunday Post 5 - Sunday   Post 6 - Sunday  Post 7 - Monday  Post 8 - Pineapple Selection Post 9 - Tuesday (Vow Renewal)  Post 10 - Tuesday Post 11 - Wednesday Post 12 - Thursday 
Post 13 - Friday

Yes I broke that trip down into 13 posts... sorry! But... I took over 2,500 photos. I went there with at least 6 cameras... I had my Nikon D5000, my Kodak underwater camera, My Nikon Point and Shoot, my iPhone, Hubby's iPhone and my Mom's iPhone... yeah I figured I'd only be in Hawaii potentially once in my life so I took a crap load of pictures. I was absolutely ready to move here after a week there but realized that wasn't an option. Someday though I will go back :).

Helene in Between


  1. Loved Hawaii!!! And girl, if you want to break it into 13 posts, you break it into 13 posts! haha love it!

  2. I loved my holiday to Hawaii it was bloody great but not sure if I would go back as there are many other places I would like to go to

  3. You are such a sweetie! Missing your folks about as much as they missed you ! I loved Hawaii when I went too, such an amazing place

  4. Lucky girl, I'd love to visit Hawaii

  5. This post got me thinking - I don't know if I've ever really been on a horrible vacation! There was one time we were going to a campground with a borrowed camper, and myfamily was to arrive first. The rest of my mom's side of the family were to arrive the next day. I was so excited to go camping with all my aunts, uncles and cousins! We got there and they had no campsites available (it was a campground we'd gone to many times before, and never had this problem) - and we didn't know of any other campgrounds in the area, so ended up spending the night in a hotel in a nearby city. Because of the stressful situation, my mom ended up with a migraine and it was a horrible night in that hotel room. (We also looked like donkeys, staying in a hotel with our camper parked outside in the parking lot!) We were able to call the others and explain the situation, and they found us another campground in the area, where we all met up the following day - it ended up being an awesome family vacay, but the first day was a total bust! LOL!

  6. Homesickness is the worst, I can definitely attest to that. I remember when I first moved out of my parent's house I was so excited.. but those first few months were tough. I would love to go to Hawaii one day! How funny that you had so many photos :D



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