Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dream Vacation | Blogtober '14

My dream vacation would be to get on a yacht and travel the world. My dream is to see the world. Yes there are countries I don't want to go to, but there are sooooooo many more countries that I really do want to go to. My dream vacation would be to load up my family and we could just sail off and see the world. I guess maybe it'd have to be a huge yacht to survive some of the weather/waves of the ocean... or maybe I want to backpack across Europe. That sounds like a lot of fun too even though I might be scared to only reduce down to a backpack but I could do it. I could travel lightly. But as you can see I want to see the world. I've been to like 24-26 states... I want to go to all. I just want to travel!

Helene in Between


  1. This is a fun topic for me. I dream all the time about traveling and am always planning trips on Expedia. Haha! It's my little secret obsession. So far I have planned a European tour by euro rail and budgeted it for all our hotel stays, air travel, passports, train tickets, etc. That may be more affordable option these days than backpacking, especially with kids. I do have a dream of doing a Mediterranean Cruise as it seems the most economical way to see most of that area. I really want to circle the whole rim starting in Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, and then maybe back over to Spain. That would be a pretty long cruise though. A drive around the US is also on the list. We both seem to love traveling. Hope you get to take the girls on lots of fun trips in the future. :-)

  2. That does sound like fun! I've thought about it a lot too, just afraid of the pirates lol My ex had a sailboat and wanted to do that but his boat was way too small for me to feel comfortable.

  3. I'd love to go to Europe and see all the historic castles and historic sites. Or just a freaking tropical vacation would do. ANYTHING, I'm in.



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