Saturday, October 11, 2014

If you were president | Blogtober '14

I would want World Peace.

Oh wait, that's if I were Miss America or was it Miss USA... (think Miss Congeniality).

If I Ran for President

  • Women would get at minimum 6months Maternity leave up to a year.
  • Men would get 6 weeks Paternity leave.
  • Affordable further education.
  • Teachers wouldn't be at the bottom of the pay scale. Teachers make a difference!
  • There would be higher criteria for some things and lower for others.
But see this is all sort of trivial things... There are bigger issues that should be addressed but I don't want to start a huge debate because we are all entitled to our own opinions so... Happy Saturday and I'll leave you at that :)

Helene in Between


  1. You've got my vote (although sadly I think that means you're going to have to raise my taxes. Alas...)

  2. I read one blog post that said (with back up links!) that the US is only 1 of 4 "high income" countries that don't require maternity leave! Some countries offer up to a YEAR maternity leave with full pay! craziness!

  3. Yes men should have paternity leave

  4. I think I may have taken mine a little too seriously, ha ha!

  5. in canada we have a year maternity leave. If the father wants to take 6 weeks then the mom is cut back by 6 weeks but the dad can take longer too if he is the one gonna stay home.

    We only get ei though so 55% of income, but better than nothing. I can't fathom only 6 weeks, here most daycares will not take babies that young.



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