Wednesday, October 1, 2014

If you won the lottery you'd | Blogtober '14

In Theory of Literature we just were discussing Freud's Id, Super Ego and Ego. If you don't know what those are... let me explain...
  • Id is the site of natural desires; it is a dark area of seething passion that knows only desire and has no sense of moderation or limitation.
  • Superego is an internalized representation of the authority of the father and of society, authority that establishes strict limitations on the fulfillment of the unrestrained desires residing in the id.
  • Ego moderates between the authoritarian demands of the superego and the unmitigated desires of the id.
So in plain English it basically comes out as this: The id is where you store all the bad things. You want pleasure and that is it's goal is to get ultimate pleasure. Superego is the strictness inside you that doesn't allow you to have any fun. The Ego regulates both so you get some pleasure without doing something stupid.

Why am I telling you all of this, especially with the prompt... well because I'd love to tell you how I'd blow it on everything. Here's what I'd buy...
  • A new house with a huge kitchen
  • A brand new Ford King Ranch at least 3/4 ton
  • and a bunch of other junk...
The practical side of me says that I would invest it all for the future.

Then I realize that I'll pay off my car because I love my car, maybe buy a dream house, maybe not depending on the amount of money I actually win in the lottery and invest in my girls futures as well as my husband and mine.

And maybe, just maybe go to the beach on a trip because I so desperately want to go swim in the ocean again!
Hawaii 2011

Helene in Between


  1. lol I'd totally want to invest it all but... I know that won't happen so I'd probably do exactly what you would!!!

  2. I'm the same. I'd like to say I would invest it all...but I would really want to travel!

  3. I'd pay off my car and buy a house on the water... go on a shopping spree (new TV top of the list!)... pay off the bit of debt I have left... maybe take a trip to Ireland or Hawaii... and then I'd invest. Of course, all depends on how much I've got to play with. ;) I'd also like to share with family, to lighten their loads as well!

  4. We just paid off my car, but I would sell our house and then start building my dream home! That was really interesting about the Id, Superego, and Ego though!!

  5. I'd buy the Hubby a cool new truck and the kids nice used cars. Take a tropical vacation ANYWHERE. Pay off the bills. A to dream a little dream. sigh.



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