Friday, October 17, 2014

I'm an expert at... | Blogtober '14

Procrastinating :)

Does that count? I swear, I am the worlds worst, maybe not the worst but I'm fairly bad about it.

When I asked my husband his first answer was Blogging and second kissing your husband. Think he was looking for a kiss? Don't worry I gave him one.

Baby girl says I'm an expert at feeding her and changing her diaper... ha!

My husband always claims that he's a Jack of all Trade, master of None. At work they used to tease me because I've dove into learning a bunch of different things. Maybe that's why he and I are so perfect for each other :)

I don't know... btw, let me point out that I wrote a guest post over at the Missouri Women Bloggers

Helene in Between


  1. hahaha I said procrastinating too! I'm THE WORST. And what's even funnier is I'm also one of those people who hates being rushed. haha! I make myself crazy sometimes

  2. Me too! Of all the things I said I'm an "expert" at, I left off the one that I actually am! :)

  3. I am an expert in pretending I am an expert at stuff

  4. I am an expert at....... nothing that I can think of. Although I will claim to be "good" at cooking and keeping a clean house.



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