Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Peanut Post - Month 4

Stats: You'll be hitting your 4 month appointment in about a week. Dr. couldn't get you in on Mommy and daddy's schedule before this, so I'm not sure your actual weight/measurement. I'll add it in after your appointment.

Wearing: For the most part you've grown out of your 0-3month outfits and are predominatly wearing 3 month or 3-6 month, although you wore a 6 month and it fit perfect. Shows that sizes aren't the same all the way across the board. In the diaper department you're wearing size 2. Shoes, we actually have tried shoes now and most of them have been a size 2 although you almost immediately have them off when I put them on.

Sleep: Your nightly routine is shower, food, bed. You're sleeping about 7 hours through the night for the most part. You like morning naps around 10am or so and afternoon naps around 2-3 but sometimes you have more or less naps so you're not real consistent there.

Behavior: You're not afraid to let us know when you're hungry or tired. There is a difference in the screams too. You still love to kick your legs and even stick them straight up in the air if you're laying on your back. Lately you've been trying to put your big toe in your mouth and get mad when things don't go correctly. Still love the outdoors and are happy when you're out there.

Eating: You've graduated up to the next style formula. You're eating about 3 1/2 -4 hours in between and around 6 oz. We tried 8oz and that was just too much. We're now to the point we can start to introduce soft foods, so be prepared...

Appearance: I really think you have a birthmark on the back side of your neck just in to your hairline. You appear to be long legged like your mommy. Your hair is still bouncing back and forth between the red/strawberry blonde/blonde. Your eyes are still blue :).

Likes: You like the outdoors. You like to smile. You like car rides for the most part. You like playing with your feet. You like sitting up. You like to be a part of the group. You like Christmas music. You do like to chew on everything in sight.

Dislikes: You don't like to lay down all the time. You don't care for new people at first. You don't like tummy time on the bed but do like it on the floor.

Milestones: You rolled over once. Smiling a lot. Stayed the night with Grandma and Grandpa twice. Attended a baby shower and sat up the whole time. Standing with help.

Mommy: I still feel like I doing things wrong all the time. Things I don't worry about people mention to me and things I do worry about everyone laughs at me. That smile of yours brings mommy down every time :). She still likes her sleep but loves spending time with you more. You are mommy's sugar bear.

Daddy: You are daddy's baby squirrel. He loves to make you smile. He enjoys coming home from work and spending time with his girls.

Other: I think you got mommy's hair when it comes to being crazy. There is a part that stands straight up if no one lotions it down. Also when you're eating, you like to rub your head on both sides and run your fingers through your hair.


Dear baby girl,

You are the light of our life! No one could imagine life without you and we can't remember what it was like to not have you around. You absolutely love to spend time with Grandma J and sit outside with her and watch the kitty's. We're all so glad that you get to spend time with all your grandparents because this is time for all of us to love and kiss on you; you absolutely love it too. The joke is if we aren't paying attention to you, you're mad :). You like to be involved in whatever is going on and you absolutely love to go places. You get cranky if you have to stay home all the time. Everyone wants you to stay the night with them, but mommy isn't ready for that just yet, although you have spent the night with grandma a couple times; both times you woke her up at 4am to eat which is unusual for you when you're referring to our house. Stay sweet and remember that mommy and daddy love you!


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  1. 4 months already! Amazing isn't it?!

  2. "Things I don't worry about people mention to me and things I do worry about everyone laughs at me." <-- THIS! I can soooo relate to this. But you have to trust your instincts, you probably spend more time with your baby than anyone else, so you know what to worry about.
    Sounds like you're doing great!



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