Sunday, October 26, 2014

Who'd play you in a movie | Blogtober '14

Truthfully if someone were to play me in the movies, I want an no-named actress who will get her big break and would be known as me. Example: Katherine Heigl is in a lot of movies so yes she might draw people to the box office, but I think casting her as Stephanie Plum in One for the Money was a bad mistake. If they were to make any of the other novels into a book, a) she might not play Stephanie Plum the next time but b) she's more so known as Izzy Stephens from Grey's Anatomy. I would want some actress to make her big break playing me, because obviously I'm going to be famous someday and everyone will line up to play me!

Helene in Between


  1. lol I agree Katherine Heigl wasn't the ideal actress to play Stephanie Plum. Love those books. No idea who'd play me either.

  2. I was so bummed when they cast her as Stephanie Plum. I like her in romcoms, but she could not pull off the Plum.
    I always thought Reese Witherspoon could play me, but that's maybe giving myself way too much credit. I actually sort of look like Melissa Joan Hart, and she'd do better at portraying my awkwardness!

  3. I have no idea who could play me maybe Melissa McCarthy she is about my size

  4. I was not enthralled when I learned Heigl would be playing Stephanie Plum. The movie wasn't too bad, but they could have cast someone much better. No offense to her of course! I am curious if they will be doing a second movie.. I don't think so though.



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