Monday, November 10, 2014

This Weekend

Wow, this was an uneventful weekend really... Wanna know what I did? You better sit down because this will blow your mind... I worked on homework. There I said it... Is your mind blown by all that excitement. Here is what I worked on even...

This was/is for my Document Design class and is due by 11:59pm tonight. I'm not quite done but almost.... I'm getting there anyway!

I also worked on a photo shoot. It was a lot of fun and the family was GREAT to work with. Now I need to get editing on their photos.

Um... yeah... that's about all I have... hope you enjoy my video :). Oh and hubby was voted in to the Missouri Governor's Mounted Guard this weekend. Happy Monday!


  1. Bloody hell no way I could have done that

  2. I have had many weekends where the most exciting thing I have done was homework ha ha ;D



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