Friday, December 5, 2014

10 Things to Smile about November

So it isn't the last Tuesday of the month (November) and it's kind of late in the afternoon. And because it's raining outside and I have a baby who is fighting sleep and screaming... I think I'll participate in EmmyMom's 10 things to smile about meme!
So in no particular order:

1. We participated in the Newton County Christmas for Kids Chili Cookoff and Tbug actually won! An 11 year old walked away with first prize... score!

2. We celebrated hubby's birthday!

3. We got to attend our first Chiefs game as a family. Tbug also experienced her first Chief's game.

4. I created my instructional video for school.

5. Tbug got to go hunting with her daddy

6. Tbug got to attend another Chiefs game with us. She was a real trooper with it being 23˚. The baby girl stayed home for this game.

7. Baby girl is 5 months old this month. Btw, can we make time slow down please?!?!

8. Baby girl celebrated her first Thanksgiving

9. Tbug got to celebrate Thanksgiving with us too.

10. We got to tailgate with the Red Coaters and I learned I need to learn how to heckle better.

p.s. Get ready for Monday because the The Review Extravaganza is here! - #2014RE is happening!


  1. So many great things to smile about! I love little Peanut's Thanksgiving outfit :D

  2. November was a good month, no doubt.

  3. What a truly wonderful month! Seriously so many awesome things. Love her Thanksgiving outfit.

    So awesome for T-bug! So cool she got first place. And brrr you guys are good fans, though when I was in college I sat through rain and snow for games.

    Great job on the video!

    Thanks so much for linking up



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