Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Santa's Helpers

I want to say Santa's Little Helpers but truthfully you have to have a big heart to be this generous at Christmas time so that definitely makes everyone Santa's Big Helpers! There are a bunch of people still out of work even though the television says that unemployment rates are down. That means there are a lot of little kids who wouldn't have a Christmas if it weren't for the help of volunteers who spend a lot of time gathering money and presents, shopping with that money, wrapping all the presents and delivering those presents to all the good little boys and girls.

Yes, the true reason for the season is Jesus but presents for Jesus' birth make Christmas what it is. So the last couple weeks a bunch of people from the local fire departments, EMT and Search and Rescue have spent time collecting and wrapping presents so all the little boys and girls will have a very Merry Christmas.

None of us need the acknowledgement but the gratitude of the happy little kids makes it all worth while! I started out wrapping presents, then tying ribbons on, but ended up with a camera in my hand and was told to take pictures. I guess that's what I do best. :)

btw, I'm a broken record but have you linked up for the Review Extravaganza?!?!


  1. I absolutely love hearing about when people are giving and work so hard to make sure as many kids can have a wonderful Christmas as possible!

  2. So awesome to be part of something like that! It really does help put things into perspective

  3. I love giving back and volunteering. Good for you guys :)

  4. So wonderful to see people doing this. It's the most Christmas-y thing ever!

  5. What an experience to be part of something like that. More folks should do it!



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