Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving part 2

So after the KitchenAid Mixer debacle, it was time for bed. You know, that and after getting all of the rolls actually baked.

The next morning hubby got up before baby girl and I did. When I woke up this is how she was laying. Tooooooo dang cute if I do say so myself. We went ahead and let her sleep and went in the kitchen and started prep work.

Once we heard her stir we brought her in with us. 

I went wheeling through the living room and this is how I found the cat. What is she watching?

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade of course.

Then it was time to head in to my father-in-law's house. Once we got back we made plans with my MIL to come over early to watch baby girl while we finished up Thanksgiving dinner for our house. Good thing too because someone didn't like sitting on the table.

Now it wouldn't be a holiday at our house if it weren't for plumbing problems. One Thanksgiving we found a nail driven through a pipe and it burst. Another year at Christmas a pipe broke and we flooded the livingroom/office. And this year... I had the washer going and as the washer was getting rid of the water during the rinse cycle... I heard what sounded like running water on the floor. Sure enough. We had a clogged pipe. But pulling out the dryer I found the jar I broke like 3 years ago accidentally and my Football trays.

This was actually Tbug's Thanksgiving at her mom's house this year, but because we were doing dinner and they were finished, she got to come over to the house a bit early. My parents picked her up on their way to our house.

Baby girls bow I made for her Thanksgiving outfit.

And who might she be looking at?

None other than Grandpa. (My FIL. We really need a way to tell Grandpa FIL from Grandpa dad apart for her :)... My mom is Grandma and my MIL is Memaw but both grandpa's are grandpa....)

The table set for all of us. I brought the bar stool over and put baby girls bumbo on it and she sat at the table with us. She loved it.

Smoked Turkey

Our corn casserole. This casserole is GREAT but it's even better in this bowl. There's something about this bowl. My grandma always made it in this bowl and when she passed away I got the Corn Casserole bowl. Hubby and I have made this in other pans but it definitely tastes better in this bowl. Must be because it's Grandma's bowl. That's my story and I'm sticking too it. (side note, I used to refer to my grandparents as Grandma and Grandpa with the Horses (mom's) and Grandma and Grandpa with the cows (dads) even though they both had each, one was known for one and one was known more for the other.)

Andouille Pudding

Potato Casserole

Garlic Cheesy Mashed Potatoes

The Gravy. This wasn't my best gravy I can tell you that for sure :(

Memaw's Cheesecake - I should tell you Baby Girl absolutely loved this. No she didn't eat a lot but she had a bite or two or three.

And then someone passed out at the end of the party. She had a big day with very few naps, what can you expect?

Happy Thanksgiving! I'd say her first Thanksgiving was successful!

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  1. I am not a bow person but you could seriously own an etsy shop with those!!

    I love your napkins :)

  2. That bow is so cute- you did a great job! Looks like a nice Thanksgiving :)

  3. pretty perfect day except for the plumbing, but traditions are traditions lol

  4. Plumbing problems any time are terrible, but on holidays - now that's the worst!



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