Monday, December 29, 2014

The Review Extravaganza - October thru December #2014RE

2014 Review Extravaganza

Welcome to the final round of the Review Extravaganza! If you're still wondering about the rules, check out this post, otherwise grab the button and let's get to this thing now! :)

October 2014

I did the Blog Everyday in October so there should be something for everyone, right?
We hauled our first load of cattle to the sale barn this fall.

Hubby and I spent our first night away from baby girl. She was just at my parents, but it was still hard.

We had our first Southwest Missouri Blogger Meet-up

I reflected on what a difference a year makes...

Tbug carved a pumpkin on land and under water. While she was underwater, I attended a baby shower.

 I gave you a sneak peek into my writing process.

We looked back at pictures from Baby Girl's 3rd Month and then moved on to her 4th Month.

Hubby and I finally carved our pumpkins and baby girl got her pumpkin on too.

Kansas City beat St. Louis.

We finally made our way to a Pumpkin Patch.

And I continued on with my Project 365.

Then it was Halloween.

Whew what a month!!

November 2014

We started off the month with Tbug winning a Chili Cook-off

On the same day as hubby turned a year older.

Tbug went to her first Chiefs game. We went to a Chiefs game the next weekend Tbug was with us too.

Tbug got to go sit in a deer stand with her daddy.

Colonel had to see the vet.

Baby girls 4 month pics and then we started 5th month

Project 365 Part 1, Part 2

and we ended the month with Thanksgiving and attending our coldest Chiefs game to date

December 2014

The first day of the month we announced this awesome Review Extravaganza!!

We decorated our Christmas tree

We helped wrap presents for the Christmas 4 Kids.

We attended the MO Governor's Mounted Guard Christmas Party.

Then we took baby girl to Ft. Worth for the first time.

Baby girl and I finally wrapped Christmas presents.

The weekend before Christmas we made Cookies.

It was finally time to review the 5 month photos and move on to 6 months.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours. I haven't had a chance to blog Christmas yet so we'll leave you with our Christmas Card.

Now it is officially time to link up your posts so I can check them out!! I'd like to see how your year ended!!!

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You have the rest of this week to follow/like everything, so get crackilacking to get all entries possible. Note: The rest of the the entries don’t unlock until you recap for the first time.

2014 Review Extravaganza


  1. That's one of the cutest "baby in a pumpkin" pictures I have ever seen!

  2. Love all your pictures, too awesome! The baby pumpkin is soooo cute! I did blogtober too and loved it!

  3. Aww baby in a pumpkin is so precious! Congrats on finishing all of Blogtober!

  4. Looks like you had an awesome year! :] I love that Blogtober challenge, but was gone for over half of October, so I did something kindasorta like it for November instead! :P That hair bow is adorable! <3

  5. October is my favorite time of year. I love your pumpkin photos!



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