Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Worthy Cause & Giveaway!

Did anyone else realize that it is Tuesday? It sooooooo feels like Monday but I guess that's because yesterday felt like Sunday to me even though I know Sunday was the day before yesterday because we went to church. Wow, how's that for a long sentence.

So have you been paying attention to the different events going on around the country? Dang! There's a 17 year old in NC who killed her 26 day old baby because he was a pain in her backside basically. Then there's a couple in Maryland who are in the line of fire because they let their kids go to the park. 2 questions...
  1. How has the world changed sooooooo much since we were kids?
  2. That's how things are here in the US, is it like this around the world?
Anyway, people like Stephanie from In Her Lens give me hope for the way this world is going. She's going to be shaving her head on March 7th in honor of curing childhood cancer research. Childhood cancer research sadly does not always receive the funding it needs, an issue that needs to be addressed.  To help raise funds Stephanie decided to reach out to a few bloggers (including me) to see if we would donate items for a giveaway.  There is one mandatory entry for the giveaway, and that is donating $5.00.  Which not only goes to an amazing cause, but the giveaway is worth more than $5.00!  In fact, it is worth about $80.00!

The list of items included in the give away include:
This is definitely a worthy cause to join in and sign up to win. Please, Stephanie raise money for curing Childhood Cancer!

Here is a link to the donation page if you're interested. You can definitely donate without entering for the giveaway if you so choose!: https://www.stbaldricks.org/participants/mypage/740778/2015.

And if you'd like to see Stephanie's original post on this, please check out this post.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I did not watch the video on those parents but while i don't think they should investigate i fully believe the world has come full circle in a bad way since we were kids.

    When i was a child we could run around all over and parents wouldn't worry, back then though there weren't street gangs, thugs, drugs and pedophiles on every single street corner. They were around for sure, but not nearly as treating as now.

    Unfortunately, times have truly changed :(.

    As for the baby, how sick, she should have given him up for adoption.



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