Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas in the Country 2014

Baby girl had her 6 month doctors appointment and shots this morning so I'm a little behind on getting this up... please understand! but....

Today is the day, the day to reveal my gift from the Country in the Christmas link up.
Hosted by these wonderful ladies!! This Uncharted Rhoade, COUNTRY LINKed, Diaries from the Dirt Road and The Ranch Wife Chronicles
So we were given a person to shop for, by the way, I had fun going to our local Amish store and getting her some of my favorites, including but not limited to: crinkle cookies! and even a present that came from Ft. Worth, Texas. My blog gal I was to shop for was none other than Jent from Jents Front Porch. I hurried and sent my gift off to her and then waited patiently for mine to show up. It's always soooo exciting to get things in the mail, especially when it isn't bills... yuck!

So then one night when hubby came home from work he brought my package in to me from the garage. Now I was supposed to be hurrying so we could leave the house but heck, I just HAD to open my present! Leaving the house could wait!

My package came from Rebekah at Cooped Up Creativity. I was soooo excited I had to go hunt her down on facebook and thank her immediately.

So I got Cherry Jam, honey, chapstick, corn, a table runner, a scarf, a Christmas card and a letter.

And one tip to know you have a baby... the first time you wear the scarf, you already have to wash it because baby girl spits up on it. sigh! But I absolutely LOVE the scarf and it washed up great!!

Thank you soooo much Rebekah and to all the ladies who did a fabulous job of hosting this link up! So much fun. Bring on next Christmas!! :)


  1. What a fun gift! Rebekah did a wonderful job! Did she make the table runner? Thanks for participating Nicole.
    Laurie - Country Link

  2. What a great gift! I'm glad your scarf turned out to be "baby-proof". Thanks for participating and sharing what you received!

  3. What a sweet collection of gifts! Happy new year!

  4. Wonderful scarf! I'm finding that I really like scarves now days too.



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